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Lightbulb Come Visit the new PvP Arena!
Posted by: pickletoez - 06-08-2014 10:01 AM - Replies (2)

[Image: 5sHKAkg.png]
Official Announcement!

The long-awaited player versus player arena is now open!

Made by pickletoez, vadefac, Lord_kill_51, DragonBorn, and Rachel0d over three days, the Thunderdome features a small concession stand with appropriately inflated snack prices, a betting booth, and a spectator floor made of glass. The arena itself is styled so there are plenty of hiding places, water sources (pesky Fire Aspect enchantments!) and surveying spots

*SHOPS ARE AVAILABLE ON THE SPECTATOR FLOOR!* Talk to pickletoez in-game for more info.

Some Things:
  • You cannot type /home or /spawn while in the arena.
  • Don't kill people in the outer areas of the arena. Inside the playing field only!
  • Die, and you'll be teleported to spawn. You can come back to watch!
  • The stuff you drop is free for all, so only bring your weapons/armor.
  • No bows & arrows allowed! It's too overpowered.
  • Have fun!

There will be an official event somewhere in the next week- keep an eye out in the Contests & Events forum for a post from me. It will be streamed live on our Twitch channel by myself as well! For those interested, the event will be a pvp tournament with an AMAZING prize and induction into the Hall Of Fame as the first winner!


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  The PR Dept. Wants YouTubers and Streamers! (And everyone else too)
Posted by: Blaster707 - 05-20-2014 11:42 PM - Replies (8)

Dream)Craft Official Announcement

Hey there all you YouTubers/Streamers!

I'd like to get ahold of you! We (PR) need you guys. Badly. We'd like you to advertise and do stuff DC-related. In return, we'll advertise YOU on the sidebar, as well as on our facebook, youtube, and twitter accounts. You'll be linked to on some of our websites as well.

We don't need you to donate for this; just actively broadcast the server and you'll get the aforementioned rewards.

To join our YouTube/Streaming team, just post below with this format:

Account Name:
Link to your account(s):
How long have you been here?

Not a YouTuber/Streamer?
That's fine! You can really help out in some other ways!

If you have graphic skills, make some DC banners, images, etc. and well take a look at em! Take some cool pictures in game! These all help!

If you don't know how to do that, you can help by telling your friends about DC. It may seem small but it's a MASSIVE help.

Thanks a Ton!

- Blaster707

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  Changes for 1.8!
Posted by: Echoic - 05-07-2014 04:10 AM - Replies (1)

So, we have decided that due to 1.8's new materials and the new map generation we are going to start a new map when we update. During this map change Jobs/McMMO levels, and REM will copy over, so you will not lose progress in that! Smile

There are a few other reasons we are starting a new map, as the people who play may know the server hasn't been the most active lately, and therefore we would like to make this a fresh start for advertising, and return DreamCraft to it's former popularity.

We are still discussing changes for the new map, and will be releasing more information as it becomes available!

Thanks for reading, and happy crafting Smile
(p.s. we still encourage playing on this map until the map reset, it helps build the community Big Grin)

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  Dreamcraft updated!
Posted by: Oz-bar11 - 04-23-2014 10:23 AM - Replies (2)

[Image: logo.png]

Dreamcraft has been updated to 1.7.9, enjoy! Please report anything you notice gone wrong, because it can always happen! (And please, even if you just join and leave for a minute, do join the server - it's important for your playerdata in the future).

While the update went well for the most part, I did manage to temporarily destroy the dynamic map, which I seem to do every time.. It'll probably be back to normal by the time you read this, but just in case.

Thank you for your continued support, hopefully Dreamcraft will pick up again.

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  Update 3/9/2014
Posted by: Lostuser - 03-09-2014 09:27 PM - No Replies

Dream)Craft Official Announcement

REM is too hard to get at the moment, so we have doubled the payouts that jobs give players. Also, the payments for placing blocks that jobs get paid for(and vice versa) has been kept the same(a.k.a. half the new payouts). This is to allow solo players to still make money, while discouraging exploiting and encouraging cooperation.

I want to also clarify about the "jobs exploit" that was mentioned in one of the latest updates. The scenario of a miner friend digging up blocks for the builder friend to build with is a good thing; it's encouraged that players work together to make money together. The "exploit" is when the miner and builder are breaking and placing the same blocks in a small area with the intention on gaining easy REM, rather than building something or mining for resources. I hope that clears up some misconceptions, and if you have any questions then feel free to message me or a member of staff and ask them.


-Payouts doubled for job-related blocks
-Payments kept the same for job-related blocks(i.e. digger now gains 4xp/0.4REM for breaking dirt, and loses 2xp/0.2REM for placing)

-Starting a new town: 15,000 REM(from 20,000)
-Claiming chunks for town: 1,000 REM(from 2,000)
-Starting a new nation: 200,000 REM(from 250,000)

-Level up sounds are now off

-Updated. Hopefully will fix the flames bug. If you notice the bug(infernal mob flames without the infernal mob) then please write a petition( /pe new infernal flames bug! )

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Star Update 3/4/2014
Posted by: Lostuser - 03-04-2014 12:15 PM - No Replies

Dream)Craft Official Announcement

We've almost got IRC up for reals now. When it's fully ready there will be a button for it in the top right of the forums here, but until then, you can use the following link here http://client00.chat.mibbit.com/?channel...mibbit.net

Also, staff and member ranks have changed! This is in anticipation for an increase in activity and will only benefit us in the long run. Unfortunately for some, current member+ players have been set to the member rank now. Currently member+ didn't do much other than show the player as green. We have plans to make member+ have a good amount of additional commands and abilities, and the rank will be temporarily given to players who earn it. More info on this later.


-Available but not quite ready! Can access IRC by clicking here.

-Staff ranks have changed and prefixes given
-Member+ players have been set to Member in preparation for member+'s future role

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  DC Staff List
Posted by: Echoic - 03-04-2014 06:17 AM - No Replies

The Staff list has been updated, and a new system has been implemented for it. Therefore I will post it and explain the new system.


Public Relations[PR]

Human Resources [ HR ]

Information Technology [IT]

Game Moderators [GM]


Yellow-Gold = SuperMod
Blue = Moderator
Lilac/Purple = Apprentice

Public Relations handles advertising, and helping to come up ideas for events. They also handle how we want to make the experience of DreamCraft work, and work together with Game Moderators for this purpose.

Human Relations handles and manages staff. It's a pretty simple job to explain, but one of the less pleasant jobs on the server.

IT handles plugins, and every other technical side of the server.

Game Moderators focus on making sure everything goes well in game, runs the events, comes up with events, and handles server-project. The Building department is a part of Game Moderators also.

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Posted by: Lostuser - 02-27-2014 09:46 AM - No Replies


Dreamcraft's motto has always been to "Build Your Dreams", and the future of Dreamcraft will be no different. The Dreamcraft minecraft server has been alive for almost four years(at the time of this writing) because of the amazing community that she has fostered. As the game changes and people come and go, Dreamcraft will continue to improve as a community-fueled and unique experience. To that effect, our goals are the following:

1) Every action made is to improve the community and the server.
2) Promote a friendly environment through knowledgeable and helpful staff and members.
3) Promote cooperation through events and various plugins, such as towns.
4) Provide complete and unique experiences for all types of members.
5) Reward players who seek to improve the Dreamcraft experience.
6) Maintain a professional and organized atmosphere when administrating, moderating, and providing assistance.
7) Be transparent and open with the community, everyone here is part of the experience.
8) Listen to the community; everyone has a voice, and those that speak up *will* be heard.
9) Respect everyone and give everyone an equal chance.
10) Deal with negative and hateful behavior swifty; this is not the place for prejudices or grudges.
11) Always provide more and rarely, if ever, deny.
12) Have fun! Gaming is to loosen up and enjoy yourself.

Every member of this community leaves their mark on Dreamcraft. You make a difference.
What will your mark be?...

Build Your Dreams. Be the difference.

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  Mini-Update 2/26/2014: Jobs and Towny Price Changes
Posted by: Lostuser - 02-26-2014 10:12 PM - No Replies

Price updates to balance the economy out a bit more.

-Title:level is now as follows...Novice:0, Apprentice:20, Journeyman:40, Expert:60, Master:90
-Payouts for break/placement even each other out
-Many methods of making money are unaccounted for(for example, Weaponsmiths only make REM from crafting ___ swords). Limited classes such as weaponsmith will be expanded upon shortly to make them viable

-Start a new town: 20,000 REM (down from 30k)
-Claim land for town(one adjacent chunk): 2,000 REM (the same)
-Nation: 250,000 REM (down from 500k)


TL;DR of the additional notes: Having conflicting job classes such as miner and builder is not recommended, and if players attempt to exploit the classes using a friend then all involved will experience unfortunate consequences.


A small expansion on the JOBS changes, with a little example. If a class earns money breaking a specific block, that class also loses the same amount of money from placing that block as well(and vice versa).

An example is the miner, who earns money and exp for breaking stone blocks(0.2 REM and 2.0 exp). If the miner broke 5 stone blocks, they would earn 1.00 REM and 10.0 exp. If the same miner placed 5 stone blocks, they would lose 1.00 REM and 10.0 exp. However, if the miner's friend, a builder, came along and used those stone blocks to make buildings in their town, then both the miner and the builder would be making money(miner makes money mining stone, builder makes money placing it).

A couple additions to this. If a player is both a miner and a builder, they will still get both effects from both jobs, and there's no way around this, therefore it's not recommended to multiclass in conflicting jobs. Also, having a builder friend place blocks for the miner friend to break is considered an exploit and will be dealt with when caught. Punishment includes reducing or zeroing the involved players' wallets, and if it is repeated or severe enough, ban(tempban or permaban depends on severity).

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  2/24/2014 Updates
Posted by: Lostuser - 02-24-2014 01:48 PM - No Replies

Dream)Craft Official Announcement

Petitions are here! If you have any issues, such as a griefing, some stealing, or would like a temporary cuboid for town claiming, please use a petition at the location of the situation. Do not spam/abuse the petitions program please, as that is considered spamming under da rules.

Have you ever wanted to re-live The End again and again? Well, now you can! Every 24 hours, The End will revert back to its default state, and between every 12 to 24 hours the enderdragon will make a re-appearance. Just hope it doesn't turn out to be an infernal dragon. That would be terrifying.


-Submit petitions to report issues or request temporary cuboids
-'/pe' to see commands.
-To submit a new petition, go to where the situation is and type '/pe open your message'
-Spamming petitions is against the rules; instead, use /pe comment # additional comments', where # is your petition number
-Use '/pe view #' to view a specific petition of yours, or '/pe list [args]' to see all of them, where [args] refines the search(possible filters are listed when '/pe' is typed)

-The End refreshes every 24 hours
-Structures made in The End will be removed during that time, no exceptions
-Enderdragon spawns every 12 to 24 hours
-Dragon Egg will be awarded to whoever the best fighter was
-EXP will be divided amongst players involved, and each player's cut depends on their involvement

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