TUTORIAL - Land Claiming in DC13
Tutorial - Land Claiming in DC13

DC13 uses the Residence plugin for land claims. You can go to the plugin wiki below to read more about it.
Click here to be taken to the plugin wiki
The full command list is on the plugin wiki above, but you can do /res to see command help in-game and /res ? <page number> to see other page numbers in the in-game dialog.

To create a residence(city/land claim/whatever you want to call it), you can either manually select a radius around you, or select a large area with the selection tool(mentioned below)

To select an area around you to claim:
To select a radius around you: do, /res select [x] [y] [z]
The minimum x and z radius is 5.

To manually select the borders of an area to claim:

To manually select an area, select two corner (diagonal) points with a wooden hoe. 
Left click to mark point #1, right click to mark point #2.

If you use either of the two selection options above, do /res select vert to select the entire chunk (from bedrock to the sky).
If you do not do /res select vert only the blocks inside the area you selected will be protected.

To finish and claim your area:
Once you have made your selection, to finish and create your claim, do 
/res create <your city name here>.

To expand the area of your claim:

To add more area to your city, use the /res expand <number of blocks in the direction you're facing> command. 
Example: doing /res expand 20 while facing south, will extend your city's border by 20 blocks on the south side.

To add a player to your city
do /res padd <player name>
To remove a player from your city
do /res pdel <player name>

How subzones work:

A subzone is another claim within your claim. This claim can have different flags and settings. 
Subzones are most often used to grant other players a certain area to build within your town, or to open farms to the public, while keeping the main area closed off.
Subzones can have their own owners, flags, and everything else. The city owner also has access to the subzone.

To add a subzone to your city,
do /res subzone <city name> <new subzone name>

How flags work:

Cities also have customizable flags. Flags can be used to enable or disable certain things within your city. 

Do /res flags ? <page number (1-15)> to see flag information.
To add/edit a flag,
 do /res <set> <city name> <flag name> <true/false/remove>

Other common commands you'll likely want to use:

To see information about the city you are standing in, do /res info or click on the ground with a stick
To rename your city, do /res rename <old name> <new name>
To see your city borders, do /res show
To Manage your city enter/leave messages, do /res message <cityname> [enter/leave] <message you want to set>

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