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Posted by: Lostuser - 07-18-2015, 04:40 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Hello Dreamcrafters!

Dreamcraft's economy is about to get a face lift! To begin that, however, we first have to start on a clean economic slate. On Wednesday 7/22/15, all players' Jobs levels and REM amounts will be reset to zero. During the period from Wednesday 7/22 to Sunday 7/26, we will be running a live-test event for the new Jobs and Pricing system. On EACH DAY, Jobs levels and REM will be checked and reset, and the THREE players who get the highest jobs levels and REM amounts on each day will be given trophies/rewards. On the night of Sunday 7/26, Jobs and REM will reset for a final time, and then everyone will be able to play as normal!

I understand that a number of players are quite attached to their current Jobs levels and REM amounts. The truth is, our economy and jobs situations are broken right now, and need a full fix. I made the current jobs details in a hurry and never really completed them, so they're only half finished and not balanced in the slightest. This was fully my fault and I apologize. 

Current Jobs and Economy outlook:
-Two jobs max, where earnings can be stacked and optimized if you pick two specific jobs.
-Only jobs for breaking and placing blocks. The other jobs may work but they are only half complete.
-The jobs that are complete have strange breaking/placing rules.
-There is no set pricing guide available, and earnings for Jobs are extremely high and unstable.
-Nothing to spend REM on (player shops don't count), so the amount of money on the server increases infinitely.
-If we add something to spend REM on right now, players that have 100,000+ could buy literal tons of what would be offered.

The NEW jobs (and economy) details are developed and maintained by a number of players that are in-touch with Dreamcraft and it will be evolving with the community. These changes will allow us to offer MANY more features to players on Dreamcraft, among those being admin shops, a player market, contracts, special events, auctions and lotteries, questing for jobs, and much more.

New Jobs and Economy outlook:
+One job max, and all jobs will have balanced earnings so no one job is "better" than the others.
+Jobs for farming, mining, enchanting, brewing, killing, crafting, and much more.
+A set pricing guide that will be maintained and adjusted by staff and members that have the community's best interest at heart.
+Jobs will have easy to understand rules and stability due to having a pricing guide to start.
+Ability to spend REM on Admin shops, player market plots, city upgrades, and more.
+A stable economy!

Our staff's goal here at Dreamcraft is making sure our members have a fantastic time in a fantastic community. Dreamcraft has been online for almost 5 years, and we're constantly evolving. The changes that we have planned will benefit everyone, from the newest guest to the oldest veteran. Please use the Feedback and Suggestions subforum to give us feedback on how we're doing and offer ideas that we may use on our server while we grow.

Mine on Dreamcrafters,


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  7/19/15 Updates - Spawning the New Spawn!
Posted by: Lostuser - 07-18-2015, 04:22 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Hello Dreamcrafters!

I'm excited to announce that tomorrow, Sunday 7/19/15, the spawn building will be a new build! A number of us have been working hard to provide an interesting spawn experience that is good for new and veteran players alike.

Our staff's goal here at Dreamcraft is making sure our members have a fantastic time in a fantastic community. Dreamcraft has been online for almost 5 years, and we're constantly evolving. The changes that we have planned will benefit everyone, from the newest guest to the oldest veteran. Please use the Feedback and Suggestions subforum to give us feedback on how we're doing and offer ideas that we may use on our server while we grow.

Happy crafting everyone, see you in the world!


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Posted by: Lostuser - 07-17-2015, 01:38 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (3)

[Image: jnkLq3e.png]

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  HR: What is it and how does it relate to you?
Posted by: Echoic - 07-05-2015, 06:38 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

As everybody may know I'm the head of HR, but I realize that what I do as the head, and only member, of HR might confuse some people, so I decided to make a post to clarify! Smile

So, HR, or Human Resources is mainly around to manage the server, relationships between members, and the relationships between the staff members. I basically make sure everybody does their job and everybody works together happily. Tongue

So this means that if you ever have an issue with somebody, or feel like a staff member is overstepping their bounds and being disrespectful or abusing power then you can come to me and I'll make sure that the situation is resolved as peacefully as possible, without you being mentioned if at all possible. I'm also here if you have any other concerns! Smile

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  Nether Reset Happened! Next one on September 1st, 2015!
Posted by: Lostuser - 07-05-2015, 01:01 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

The nether is now reset, and running a different seed as well! If you had a portal linking to the nether, it will no longer exist. Also, if you run into cuboids or weird issues in the nether, let a staff member know and we'll take care of it.

Also, like the title says, the nether WILL be reset on September 1st, 2015.  Everything that is built in the nether will be reset and nothing will be saved. Please make sure you gather all your things from the nether before then (if you store things in the nether), and make sure you don't get attached to anything you build in the nether...cause it won't last! A warning will be put out 1 and 2 weeks before the next nether reset, so no need to worry about it until then.

Happy Nether Stuff!

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  Firework Festival Timeline, July 3rd
Posted by: Lostuser - 07-02-2015, 07:49 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

So here's the times for the separate events on July 3rd.  Times will probably be longer than anticipated or changed, but we'll try to keep everything around 1-2 hours.

7:30pm: weather set to permanent clear and night, messages sent out to meet at drop party circle at spawn.

8:00pm: drop party at the drop party circle.  GET RARE STUFF!

8:30pm: dragon event.

9:00pm: firework finale.

10:00pm: weather set back to normal.

[Image: 2277542_orig.png]

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  An Evolving World - Changes to Dreamcraft's world and rules
Posted by: Lostuser - 06-27-2015, 06:37 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Hello Dreamcraftians!  I hope you are all well.  You especially, good sir/ma'am, are looking mighty fine today.  Keep it up!

I have a few topics today of great interest, of which will be put in the works as soon as this is posted or over the course of the next two weeks.  Stay tuned!

The nether will be reset in one week.  At the beginning of the map, it was said that the nether would reset monthly, but we haven't been on top of that, so we're starting now.  With that said, on July 4th, 2015, the nether will be refreshed back to its original form.  Glowstone, netherbrick, quartz, and all the other nether-related things will be back in an abundant supply.  Of course, this means that builds and items/chests in the nether will be removed as well.  Please clear your things out of the nether over the next week, or else it will be lost forever and staff can't get it back for you.  Talk to LostUser if you think a build of yours(in the nether) should be saved from annihilation.  I will not be saving small personal bases or farms, so please only ask if it's something of a larger significance.

After this reset, the next reset will be September 1st, 2015.

A player will now automatically /AFK at 3 minutes of doing nothing, and will be auto-kicked from the server at 15 minutes of afk time. While afk, players can't pick up items.

Trying to bypass the afk rule by using afk machines or mcmmo grinding machines will result in punishment.  The punishments are listed below.

1st time) Kick "Please don't use afk or mcmmo grinding machines, they are not allowed"
2nd time) Kick "Please don't use afk or mcmmo grinding machines, second warning"
3rd time) Tempban 12 hours "Using afk/mcmmo grinding machines, third warning"
4th+ time) Tempban 24 hours "Using afk/mcmmo grinding machines."

You won't be perma-banned for using afk/mcmmo machines.  However, continual use will result in 24 hour bans.

A team of staff members are working together to do a massive rehaul on everything related to our economy here at Dreamcraft.  Jobs, city requirements, shops, and the money itself will be just a few of the features changed and/or added.  We're looking to make spending and getting money in-game FUN!  Feel free to offer ideas as well; after all, these changes are for you!  For now, message LostUser with any ideas you have and they'll be sure to be discussed.

Spawn building looks cool, and the area around it looks "alright".  We want to change that.  Look out for some changes around spawn to make it look large and in charge!  For now, staff will be making the builds, but we will be including members interested in leaving their mark on Dreamcraft's spawn later on.  Message LostUser if you're interested and you'll be notified when we start reaching out.

To promote community and economy, the spawnfarm and villager areas at spawn will be removed and replaced with admin shops within the next two weeks.  The spawnfarm will be converted into an admin seed shop that will sell most, if not all, seeds for you and your friends to start a farm or keep one going.  The villager area will be converted into a general admin shop with a rotating inventory each week.  Expect to see things like mob eggs and high-level enchanting books on occasion!  If you want to find some villagers still, do not fret; many players have villagers in their towns and will be more-than-likely to let you trade with them for some precious emeralds.

An area northwest of the spawn cuboid has been set aside and will be built to handle player-made shops!  The details are currently being fleshed out, but right now we can say that members(and staff) will be able to purchase, with REM, a plot at the player marketplace and use it to build an interesting shop building.  You can build a shop anywhere on the server, but purchasing one of the shop plots will give players easy access to your shop in a neat-looking area.  A Stargate will link spawn to the player marketplace, allowing for easy access.  Prices on plots and plot size will be up for viewing later this week.

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  6/25/15 Updates - Improving our Sign language
Posted by: Lostuser - 06-25-2015, 02:30 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

+A sign editing plugin has been added!  You can find a tutorial for using all the features in the Questions and Tutorials subforum, at this link!

+Votifier has been added, HOWEVER, it's not *completely* working just right yet. You can still vote for Dreamcraft at the links shown when you type "/vote", but you sadly won't get your rewards just yet Sad This will be fixed soon.

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  6/14/15 Updates - BRB AFK LOL WTF
Posted by: Lostuser - 06-14-2015, 07:00 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

+ BACKUPS ARE NOW LESS FREQUENT. The lag train will now make less stops on Dreamcraft. Backups will only be done once a day now.

+ USERS CAN NOW USE /IGNORE PLAYERNAME. We're all for the community, but sometimes there's another member that really grinds your gears. You can now mute them if you need to. Please use this feature before you get into shouting matches with other users; I really don't care much for shouting matches or tolerate them.

+ DEATHS ARE RE-ENABLED BUT HIDDEN WHEN MORE MEMBERS ARE ONLINE. We'll see how this one goes, but when under 10 members are online, deaths are shown. When over 10 members are online, deaths are hidden.

- CHANGED THE AFK RULES! DON'T HATE ME! This change is mainly to prevent players from afking in a mob grinder, which can cause a large amount of stress on the server for little gain. If players want to use mob grinders, they'll have to be a little more active on their part! So now...THE NEW RULES: A player will now automatically /AFK at 3 minutes of doing nothing, and will be auto-kicked from the server at 15 minutes of afk time. While afk, players can't pick up items.

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  6/7/15 Updates - Heating up!
Posted by: Lostuser - 06-07-2015, 01:26 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (4)

+ TNT AND FLINT/STEEL CAN NOW BE USED!  Finally, right?  Just please, don't grief with it.  We're less tolerant about TNT griefing as we are with typical griefing. And if you are griefed with TNT, ask staff to check it; it's easily fixable. 

+ USERS CAN NOW PLACE FIRE!  WOW!  AWESOME! Fire still won't spread though.  Lighting unknowing players on fire IS CONSIDERED GRIEFING IF THEY DON'T WANT IT.  Offenders will get one warning, then (temp)bans.

+ Disabled trampling of farmland, from both players and mobs. No more accidental patchy farms!

+ Lottery max-number has been reduced from 5000 to 3000.  We will be updating this plugin in the near future to make it more fun, but for now, the winning chances are a slight bit better, and the payout is still huge! Only costs you 10 REM!

+ New members spawn in with stone tools and bread now.  Doesn't help current players...but it's a plus!

- Removed death messages from text.  It's fine when the players online is under 10, but when we go over, death messages are very spammy. May make a comeback in the future.

- Removed nicknames for staff and players to avoid confusion or impersonating other players.  They were originally added without thought, and after some thought this week, we removed nicknames.  Sorry if you liked them!

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