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  The War On Lag 1.7
Posted by: Lostuser - 02-03-2014, 01:17 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Dream)Craft Official Announcement

As a preface, have these memes, compliments of benjwgarner

Now that that's out of the way, we have good news! After some digging through some server files and running some code Hackers-style, a newer version of java has been enabled, and the Dreamcraft server seems to be running much more smoothly and stable-ly! Also, with the help of Ozbar11, we switched to using Spigot and optimized a number of other things on the server. Performance increases are very noticeable both visibly and in the numbers. For example, we went from having a 15-18 second server load time to 6-8 seconds!

The long-term stability of Spigot on Dreamcraft still needs to be observed, and it is being used on the main port currently. Unfortunately, we had to remove the Highways plugin due to it throwing errors on Spigot(I'm not sure if anyone used Highways on this map, but if you did, it's not gonna work anymore, sorry). If all is well over the next couple days, then we can begin to add plugins that were disabled, as well as fun new plugins to add to the Dreamcraft experience.


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  The War On Lag 1.0
Posted by: Lostuser - 02-01-2014, 09:14 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Dream)Craft Official Announcement

Those that tried to play on dreamcraft over the past couple of weeks have noticed something quite disappointing.

[Image: 388d569ddaab9e99c2497710cca282b9a4f2b62e...a0086d.jpg]

Obviously this is quite detrimental to the experience that we are trying to give to the community, and we will be taking steps to reduce latency, while also adding more functionality to the server. We will be trying our best to lower the latency without removing plugins, but unfortunately, this may be a necessity in some cases.

To assist in server stability, we have Ozbar11 and Darkstar1592 joining the ranks on our IT Crowd. They both are much better than I am at everything, including breathing. Since their addition, we have declared a war on lag. Kill on sight, and take no prisoners!

We will not bore with the details, but we have concluded that LWC(container protection), worldguard(block/cuboid protection), and stargates(fast travel portals) are the current heavy hitters, with LWC pulling way way ahead of the pack. It seems that the plugin has difficulties with managing hoppers, but reports say that registering(/cprivate) the hoppers fixes the lag. We would ask that everyone who uses hoppers and droppers register these containers using the /cprivate command. We would rather not remove this invaluable plugin, so everyone's cooperation in this test/fix is very appreciated.

Other methods of reducing lag are being looked into as well, such as optimization plguins and optimizing the current ones we have to work better. We will continue to work on improving the server's latency issues, and appreciate your patience.


EDIT: Apparently hoppers cause latency just by existing. With the new changes we made the week of posting this, the effect hoppers have on the server is now negligible, so there is no need to comply with this post. Thanks for reading!

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  More Custom Plugins! (Thanks Darkstar1592!)
Posted by: Blaster707 - 01-02-2014, 06:38 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

The three plugins are MeltDown, OmNom, and SparklingTools.

MeltDown allows you to smelt armor and tools back into their materials.
(Ex: Smelt an iron chestplate and get 8 iron, enchanted items DO NOT WORK as of now.)

OmNom adds 16 new food items into the game.
(Apple Pie, Blueberry pie, Blackberry Pie, Chicken Pot Pie, Carrot Cake, Potato Stew, Carrot Stew, Chicken Sandwich, Hamburger, Pork Sandwich, Coffee, Soda, Apple Soda, Tea, Iced Tea, and Sweet Tea)

Sparkling Tools allows you to use emeralds to craft diamond armor with a random enchantment.
(Ex. Use 5 emeralds to craft a helmet and you could get a diamond helmet with respiration II)
Tier 2 armor and tools have 1.5x Durability
Tier 3 armor and tools have 2x Durability and a guaranteed good enchantment

Apple Pie:
[Image: k3HZrFA.png]

Blueberry Pie:
[Image: o18DvD5.png]

Blackberry Pie:
[Image: EDOUGZT.png]

Chicken Pot Pie:
[Image: 5QABFjc.png]

Carrot Cake:
[Image: 4zlqtLA.png]

Potato Stew:
[Image: r7MATuO.png]

Carrot Stew:
[Image: RJ7ACxx.png]

Chicken Sandwich: (Gives 9 Sandwiches)
[Image: uy30DkM.png]

Hamburger: (Gives 9 Hamburgers)
[Image: vqCOdeq.png]

Pork Sandwich: (Gives 9 Sandwiches)
[Image: dfxu2Ci.png]

Coffee: (Speed II 1:30)
[Image: v2dpulE.png]

Plain ol' Soda: (Speed I 3:00)
[Image: KMTF0mT.png]

Apple Soda: (Instant Health)
[Image: fBLpsuS.png]

Tea: (Regeneration II 0:22)
[Image: JiG0npk.png]

Sweet Tea: (Regeneration I 0:45)
[Image: tIpqIEA.png]

Iced Tea: (Regeneration II 1:00)
[Image: ThHwpqW.png]

SparklingTools Recipes

Emerald Chestplate:
[Image: 99tb9Bv.png]

(Tier 2) Emerald Chestplate:
[Image: fc5ysWq.png]

(Tier 3) Emerald Chestplate:
[Image: Jjo9m1g.png]

Emerald Leggings:
[Image: EN3hSGI.png]

(Tier 2) Emerald Leggings:
[Image: AgkOq15.png]

(Tier 3) Emerald Leggings:
[Image: tMeZrv8.png]

Emerald Boots:
[Image: GZlZW4o.png]

(Tier 2) Emerald Boots:
[Image: joGPIOR.png]

(Tier 3) Emerald Boots:
[Image: XPwnTZY.png]

Emerald Sword:
[Image: eZTE5gN.png]

(Tier 2) Emerald Sword:
[Image: D28XJir.png]

(Tier 3) Emerald Sword:
[Image: 5ufOIQX.png]

Emerald Pickaxe:
[Image: zeakieO.png]

(Tier 2) Emerald Pickaxe:
[Image: ZxG8dPQ.png]

(Tier 3) Emerald Pickaxe:
[Image: GJQm3BI.png]

Emerald Axe:
[Image: eyF2PBp.png]

(Tier 2) Emerald Axe:
[Image: 5TuSlgj.png]

(Tier 3) Emerald Axe:
[Image: xdwCLec.png]

Emerald Spade:
[Image: D3b0wjT.png]

(Tier 2) Emerald Spade:
[Image: cbMehK9.png]

(Tier 3) Emerald Spade:
[Image: 4XybqvQ.png]

Emerald Hoe:
[Image: ee1hL4a.png]

(Tier 2) Emerald Hoe:
[Image: GRHSRxd.png]

(Tier 3) Emerald Hoe:
[Image: qRvHvQD.png]

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  Planetminecraft Page
Posted by: Antoeknee - 12-31-2013, 04:54 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Hey Dreamcrafters!

Many of you may not be aware but we currently have a brand new Planetminecraft page up which can be viewed below:


We are asking you to please try and help out Dreamcraft by upvoting the page! This can be done by pressing the "Vote them as a top server" text at the top of the page. After voting once, you may vote again after 24 hours so dont forget to vote multiple times! This could help Dreamcraft out immensely by bringing new faces to the server! So if you have a bit of extra time, stop by and upvote our page!


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  Rules of DreamCraft
Posted by: Echoic - 07-09-2013, 08:17 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Here are the general rules of DreamCraft. Note that these rules apply to any and all maps that do, and may exist now or in the future. They apply not only to our DreamCraft server, but to all of our servers unless otherwise stated.

LAST UPDATED: 8/1/2015


1) NO griefing! Griefing is placing or breaking blocks to deliberately deface someone's build or to steal materials.
You should only place/break blocks if:
-You own the build.
-You have permission from the build's owner.
-You are building in agreement with friends.
-It is part of the natural terrain.
-You are not allowed to grief "abandoned" structures.
-You are not allowed to raid for materials.
-You are not allowed to grief as a joke.
-You are not allowed to grief in revenge.
-You are allowed to do anything in the nether, it's free game! Careful down there!

First Offense: Warning or 1 day temporary ban, depending on severity of offense.
Second Offense: 2 day temporary ban.
Third Offense: 4 day temporary ban.
Fourth Offense: Ban, can appeal.
Fifth Offense: Ban, can not be appealed.

2) NO spamming! It clogs up chat and is extremely annoying. Nobody likes a spammer.
This includes:
-Repeatedly saying the same thing.
-Excessive use of CAPS LOCK.
-Repeatedly using /me to talk instead of using normal chat.
-Long unnecessary sentences of random/repeating letters.
-Logging in and out repeatedly.
-Deliberately killing yourself repeatedly.
-Abuse of /afk.
-Repeatedly spamming a command which sends a message to other players, e.g. /money pay
-Using jarring chat colors and formatting repeatedly.

First Offense: Warning or 10 minute temporary mute, depending on severity of offense.
Second Offense: 1 hour temporary ban from server.
Third Offense: 2 day temporary ban.
Futher Offenses: 4 day temporary ban.

3) NO unsanctioned PVP. This means that both you and the person you are fighting MUST agree to fight.
This means that:
-Both you and the person say in chat that you will fight.
-PVP areas MUST have notices that players are in a PVP area, otherwise it is still unsanctioned PVP.
-PVP areas that have these notices are considered sanctioned PVP areas by default.
-You are not allowed to kill somebody as a joke or prank.
-You are not allowed to kill somebody to steal items.
-You are not allowed to kill somebody to get revenge.
-You are not allowed to lure somebody into a death trap.

First Offense: Warning and/or 20 minutes in /jail. If items are stolen(not returned peacefully) then 1 day temporary ban.
Second Offense: 2 day temporary ban.
Third Offense: 4 day temporary ban.
Fourth Offense: Ban, can appeal.
Fifth Offense: Ban, can not be appealed.

4) NO harassing members and/or staff. We are highly intolerant of harassment and will deal with it ASAP.
This harassment includes:
-Being around someone when they explicitly state that they don't want to be around you.
-Messaging someone repeatedly for any reason, both in private and in normal chat.
-Asking for items or teleports or player locations over and over again.
-Manipulative behavior to gain access to land and items.
-Telling staff how to do their job.
-Getting into text-fights in chat.
-Do not ask for staff positions. We will have application forms on the forums when we start looking for more.
-Being straight-up rude. Hard to say exactly what this constitutes, but you know it when you see it.

First Offense: Warning and/or 10 minute temporary mute, depending on severity of offense.
Second Offense: 1 hour temporary ban.
Third Offense: 1 day temporary ban.
Further Offenses: 2 day temporary ban.

5) NO asking and/or begging staff to do commands or spawn in items! If you ask, and they say "No" or "I can't do that", then DO NOT ask again.

First Offense: Warning.
Second Offense: 10 minute temporary mute.
Third Offense: 1 hour temporary mute.
Further Offenses: 1 day temporary ban.

6) NO advertising. It is highly disrespectful to the server, its players, and yourself. We're all here to play on Dreamcraft!
This includes:
-Giving out the IP to another survival server.
-PMing/Mailing IP addresses to other players.
-Spamming chat with IP addresses.
-Repeatedly talking about your own server. You may stay to get ideas for your server, but do not say things like "My server SERVERNAME.COM does this!"
-IN PRIVATE CHAT, YOU MAY share IP addresses of the following types of servers for the purpose of playing with friends or arranging events:
Jail Break servers.
Minigame-type servers.
Well-known Hub-type servers, e.g. Shotbow Network.

First Offense: Warning and/or 10 minute temporary mute, depending on severity of offense.
Second Offense: Ban, can appeal.
Third Offense: Ban, can not be appealed.

7) NO cheating! If it seems game-breaking or shouldn't be allowed, it's probably cheating!
You are not allowed to use:
-Hacked and/or griefing clients.
-Xray mods/texture packs.
-Glitch/bug exploits. Report these to staff! If you're found exploiting things without notifying staff, you may get banned.
-AFK pools. This server kicks inactive players to clear space and save resources. Do not be selfish.

First Offense: Warning.
Second Offense: Ban, can not be appealed.

8) NO lag machines! These types of builds put a huge strain on the server and causes latency for other players. This is highly untolerable.

Lag machines include:
-Putting many mobs in a small area (e.g. more than 5 mobs per 1x1 area)
-Creating an always-on redstone machine


First Offense: Warning, removal of lag machine.
Second Offense: 1 day temporary ban, removal of lag machine.
Third Offense: 2 day temporary ban, removal of lag machine.
Further Offenses: 4 day temporary ban, removal of lag machine.

9) NO trolling! Trolling can create an unpleasant atmosphere and often results in arguments.
Trolling includes:
-Trapping people by building around them.
-Throwing potions at people to impair their ability to play, e.g. blinding or poison.
-Harassing players(see rule 4).
-YOU MAY prank friends and have fun that way, but be aware that if more people and/or staff gets involved, it will be stopped.

First Offense: Warning or 20 minutes in /jail, depending on severity of offense.
Second Offense: 2 day temporary ban.
Third Offense: 4 day temporary ban.
Fourth Offense: Ban, can appeal.
Fifth Offense: Ban, can not be appealed.

10) NO obscene content. We ask everyone to act with maturity and recognize that there are players of all ages on Dreamcraft. Please keep things PG-13 in game.
This includes:
-No profane/offensive language. Lighter swear words are generally fine. If someone asks you to stop using a certain word, then stop.
-No profane/offensive pet names. The pet with one of these names will be killed when seen, and a warning will be sent.
-No obscene/offensive player skins. You will be asked to change your skin if it is found to be obscene/offensive.

-No obscene/offensive structures. The structure may be removed and a warning will be sent.

First Offense: Warning, 10 minute temporary mute, and/or 1 hour temporary ban, depending on severity of offense.
Second Offense: 2 day temporary ban.
Third Offense: Ban, can appeal.
Fourth Offense: Ban, can not be appealed.

11) BE respectful! Dreamcraft is nothing without its respectful community. Treat others the way you want to be treated! We expect everyone to show some level of respect to everyone else.
This includes:
-Do not direct a swear at any other player.
-Do not insult other players.
-Do not attempt to seek revenge, message staff and they will help you.
-Respect others' opinions. If you disagree, don't make it an argument. If you cannot discuss it in a civil manner, then walk away.
-Do not harass staff. Their job is very stressful and give up their free time to do the job. They are humans too and may not always do the job perfectly. If you have complaints of staff, message LostUser or an SMod(yellow name).
-Do not beg for blocks or items. Work for them!

First Offense: Warning, and/or 20 minute jail/mute, depending on severity of offense.
Second Offense: 20 minute jail/mute.
Third Offense: 1 day temporary ban.
Fourth Offense: 4 day temporary ban.
Fifth Offense: Ban, can appeal.
Sixth Offense: Ban, can not be appealed.

12) Make sure everyone playing on your account knows Dreamcraft's rules. If a rule is broken on your account, you will be punished for it, regardless if it was you or a sibling.

Depends on rule broken.

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