Nether Reset 01/01/2016
The nether will be reset on January 1st 2016.  At the beginning of the map, it was said that the nether would reset monthly, but we haven't been on top of that.  With that said, on January 1st 2016, the nether will be refreshed with a brand new seed.  Glowstone, netherbrick, quartz, and all the other nether-related things will be back in an abundant supply.  Of course, this means that builds and items/chests in the nether will be removed as well.  Please clear your things out of the nether over the next couple weeks, or else it will be lost forever and staff can't get it back for you. 

After this reset, the next reset will be March 1st 2016 (unless 1.9 comes out, then it might be sooner). 

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