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DC11 Launch Announcement! - Darkstar1592 - 12-24-2016

DC11 is Finally Here and will be Launched at Midnight! (EST)

Changes from the First DC11 Announcement
 - Chest Shops has been brought back due to popular demand
 - Towny will be used to claim land and create cities
 - PvP is enabled in the wild, but can be disabled in towny cities
 - /pvp command to toggle your participation in pvp
   - When disabled, you can not be damaged by players or damage other players
   - There is a 10 minute cooldown when toggling pvp

Here's what you can expect in the new map:

Map Goals
- Taking the good parts about the previous maps, and improve upon them with the help of both staff involvement and its players.
Special care is to be given to the economy. We need to prevent a situation where one player can corner the market, effectively choking the lifeblood out of the rest of the server.

Spawn Island
- Spawn to receive its own island in an inland sea
- Spawn island to transition smoothly between spawn and sea level

[Image: ss_2016-11-22_at_09.47.58.jpg]

Other Terrain Screenshots
[Image: 2016-08-30_23.02.27.png]

[Image: 2016-11-22_20.37.16.png]

[Image: 2016-11-22_20.51.24.png]

[Image: 2016-11-22_20.47.32.png]

Cities - See cities post -> HERE

Economic Changes
  • Jobs has been removed
  • Money can be earned through land ownership with towny, by selling to admin shops or with chest shops
  • More admin shops
  • Admin shops are located in the spawn courtyard
  • Admin shop prices change based on the demand of that item (see below)

Gameplay Changes
- Dynamic Admin Shops
  • The admin shops at spawn have dynamic buy and sell prices
  • The price changes depending on how much people buy and sell the item
  • The price of an item goes up if a lot of people buy the item, and goes down if a lot of people sell the item
  • Prices go down over time if player's don't buy a lot of the item

- Pay REM to Teleport:
  • Teleporting costs 15 rem per-block

  • /mta [check] <player>
     - This is the command used for asking players if you may teleport to them. The [check] argument in this command will give you the amount of money it will cost to make this teleport.
  • /mwarp [mwarp name]
     - This is the command used for teleporting to an MWarp and also listing out an interactive list of a player's MWarps. On the MWarp list the player can click on any one of the items on the list to teleport to it.
  • /setmwarp <mwarp name>
     - Setting a warp costs 500 rem
     - This is the command used for creating new MWarps.
  • /delmwarp [mwarp name]
     - This is the command used for deleting an MWarp and also listing out an interactive list of a player's MWarps each one being easily deleted from there.

- Vote to Change the Weather:
  • /wv
     - This command opens the Voting-Inventory.
  • /wv sun
     - This command allows you to start a sun-voting.
  • /wv rain
     - This command allows you to start a rain-voting.
  • /wv [yes/no]
     - This command allows you to vote for yes or no.
Future Plans:
  •  Updating and installing the winery plugin: Create a vineyard to grow, and sell wine!
  •  Create a party with friends for group benefit
  •  A command to report grief to staff