DC13 Announcement
New World on 1.15.2

Residence: Claim land!


/bal or /balance or /money - See your current amount of money
/pay <player> <amount> - Pay another player

Choose up to 3 jobs to earn money with /jobs browse
Jobs include woodcutter, miner, digger, farmer, hunter, fisherman, brewer and enchanter

Player shops
Sell and buy items
/shop - lists the commands

Admin shop
Buy building materials and rare items
/adminshop - Opens the shop GUI

Pay to fly! $10 per second of flight
/PFly [amount of seconds] - Buys flying for a certain amount of time
/PFly cancel - Cancels the purchase
/PFly accept - Accepts the purchase
/PFly time - views the time left for the player
/PFly [player] [amount of seconds] - Pay for flight for another player

Other plugins to know about:

/sethome to set your home location and /home to teleport there
/spawn to teleport to the spawn point
/msg <player> to send a private message
 /essentials help to see more commands

Level up in a wide variety of skills and gain rewards, just like an MMO.

Go to http://dreamcraft.org:8123 to see a live map.

Improved flight with elytra

Scuba Gear
Scuba Gear makes the 1.13 aquatic update more fun!
Increased swimming speed and unlimited breathing time!
Check out the crafting recipes at the link below.

Disenchant 2
Convert an enchanted item to an enchantment book.
Check out the crafting recipe at the link below.

Melt your tools and armor back into the ingots used to make them!
Check out the supported items at the link below.

Players can toggle PvP for themselves with /pvp

Build vineyards to create wine!
Wines give potion effects specific to the biome they're created in.
Check out the structure at the link below.

Brewery allows you to brew beer, create your own brand of beer, and receive potion effects.
Check out the structure at the link below.

Ultimate Chairs
Right click on stairs to sit.
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