TUTORIAL - Editing Signs
Here's a quick tutorial for using our sign editing features.

You can place a sign normally and edit it normally:
[Image: QBJj8xJ.jpg]

Or you can edit existing signs by holding an ink sac and right clicking the sign:
[Image: VY91fSD.jpg]

As you can see, I have a book here(with random gibberish) and you can right click a sign to paste the book's contents onto the sign:
[Image: i3sDZY9.jpg]
[Image: OqeONpL.jpg]

You can also edit signs using a command.  While looking at the sign, type /edit LINENUMBER NEWTEXT.  For example:
[Image: 9ntW9mK.jpg]

Holding a piece of paper can copy a sign.  Right-click while holding the paper, and it makes a magical copy:
[Image: rUJxfjF.jpg]

You can use this magical piece of paper to paste the copied sign onto another sign by left clicking the new sign:
[Image: fl2ugk7.jpg]
Hmmm that's rather clever... Wink
I think so too Smile Saves the trouble of removing and rewriting signs, and adds a couple new nifty things.

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