Hello Dreamcrafters!

Dreamcraft's economy is about to get a face lift! To begin that, however, we first have to start on a clean economic slate. On Wednesday 7/22/15, all players' Jobs levels and REM amounts will be reset to zero. During the period from Wednesday 7/22 to Sunday 7/26, we will be running a live-test event for the new Jobs and Pricing system. On EACH DAY, Jobs levels and REM will be checked and reset, and the THREE players who get the highest jobs levels and REM amounts on each day will be given trophies/rewards. On the night of Sunday 7/26, Jobs and REM will reset for a final time, and then everyone will be able to play as normal!

I understand that a number of players are quite attached to their current Jobs levels and REM amounts. The truth is, our economy and jobs situations are broken right now, and need a full fix. I made the current jobs details in a hurry and never really completed them, so they're only half finished and not balanced in the slightest. This was fully my fault and I apologize. 

Current Jobs and Economy outlook:
-Two jobs max, where earnings can be stacked and optimized if you pick two specific jobs.
-Only jobs for breaking and placing blocks. The other jobs may work but they are only half complete.
-The jobs that are complete have strange breaking/placing rules.
-There is no set pricing guide available, and earnings for Jobs are extremely high and unstable.
-Nothing to spend REM on (player shops don't count), so the amount of money on the server increases infinitely.
-If we add something to spend REM on right now, players that have 100,000+ could buy literal tons of what would be offered.

The NEW jobs (and economy) details are developed and maintained by a number of players that are in-touch with Dreamcraft and it will be evolving with the community. These changes will allow us to offer MANY more features to players on Dreamcraft, among those being admin shops, a player market, contracts, special events, auctions and lotteries, questing for jobs, and much more.

New Jobs and Economy outlook:
+One job max, and all jobs will have balanced earnings so no one job is "better" than the others.
+Jobs for farming, mining, enchanting, brewing, killing, crafting, and much more.
+A set pricing guide that will be maintained and adjusted by staff and members that have the community's best interest at heart.
+Jobs will have easy to understand rules and stability due to having a pricing guide to start.
+Ability to spend REM on Admin shops, player market plots, city upgrades, and more.
+A stable economy!

Our staff's goal here at Dreamcraft is making sure our members have a fantastic time in a fantastic community. Dreamcraft has been online for almost 5 years, and we're constantly evolving. The changes that we have planned will benefit everyone, from the newest guest to the oldest veteran. Please use the Feedback and Suggestions subforum to give us feedback on how we're doing and offer ideas that we may use on our server while we grow.

Mine on Dreamcrafters,


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