The REM Race [Ended]
,。・:*:・Hello , Fellow Dreamcraftians!。・:*:・゜’  

As many if not all of you know, the economy has been reset. (For those of you that didn't know check out this thread here: Reset Announcement) Unfortunately, all money and job levels have been wiped, however a new and improved job system and economy will be implemented in its place. Over the next few days we will be testing the different jobs to see how they work and how they will eventually effect the server. 

At the end of each day (over the course of the next 5 days) REM will be reset once again (so, if you're trying to earn money for the long haul, we suggest holding off till the end of the testing period). We're not just asking you to test with no compensation though. Thus we will be holding a REM Race.

Each day we want you to try and earn as much REM as you possibly can. If you find a way to exploit the job, great! Go ahead and try to use it -- we need to see you at your best! At the end of each day we will log who ended up first, second and third in REM amounts. Then depending on your placing you will get points, which you can accumulatively spend on different prizes at the end of the testing period.

First Place - 5,000 Points

Second Place - 3,000 Points

Third Place - 1,000 Points

[Image: IS6Xcb2.jpg]

(********** Can Only Have 2 Horse Mob Eggs Rather Than 3 If That's What You Would Like To Choose **********)

Fourth Tier Items Will Cost  15,000 Points

Third Tier Items Will Cost  5,000 Points

Second Tier Items Will Cost  3,000 Points

First Tier Items Will Cost  1,000 Points

At the end of the 5 days winners can use their points in any combination they see fit. So for example if you have 20,000 points and you want 4 Enchanting Tables you are free to choose that! However, for convenience sake we would appreciate it if you would have your prizes decided before renewing them.

Each day the winners will be posted on here and announced in game. Points will be kept track of on here as well, so if you're ever curious where you're at just come back and check! We would also like the winners to choose their prizes here on the forums as well so we can be sure to get you exactly what you want! Snowlore will be handing out the prizes in game so once your prizes are chosen be sure to contact me in game to receive them.

Now, Crafters, ready your pickaxes!




[Image: 9cRp7Lp9i.png]GO!!!!! 

Good Luck Out There Everyone!
Alright, everybody, Day One was an absolute hit! We received a great amount of feedback, and you all made bookoo bucks! There were a few stand out players though of course. Ones who went above and beyond!

Here were our Top Ten of Day One:

[Image: etQg4RJ.jpg]

Congratulations everyone! You all worked exceptionally hard, and far exceeded our expectations. 

Especially our Top Thee of the day:

Isokitten  coming in at First Place.

Veresy  coming in at Second Place.

SkypathTC  coming in at Third Place.

And, here are the point values so far:

Isokitten - 5,000 Points

Veresy - 3,000 Points

SkypathTC - 1,000 Points

Thank you everyone for all of your hard work today! We here at DreamCraft really appreciate all of your time and effort that you put into this ^_^ 

Don't forget that REM will be reset once again, and you'll be starting over at 100 REM tomorrow. There will be some major changes going into Day Two, and it's suggested that you check the changelogs before joining a job going into Day Two. (You can find the changelog here: Current Changelog ) There will also be some changes with commands, such as getting rid of the pay player option. We want as little contamination with the results as possible. Apologies for the inconvenience, but no worries you will get it back by the end of the testing period. 

Best of luck out there Dreamcraftians!

Also, please don't be afraid to report any problems you notice with your job. Any and all input is very much so appreciated.
Hello, once again, everyone! After some balancing and reworking, Day Two went fantastically. You all showed us some variety this time, and of course exemplified your hard work once again. Truly, you've all done wonderfully. Again however, we had some stand out players who worked their rectangle arms to the bone.

Here were our Top Ten for Day Two:

[Image: wHQRWGt.jpg]

Ended up being a fairly close race today! Thank you again for participating, and congratulations of course to...

Our Top Three of the day:

Isokitten  coming in at First Place

Veresy  coming in at Second Place

Diamondmare  coming in at Third Place

And here are our current point values so far:

Isokitten - 10,000 Points

Veresy - 6,000 Points

SkypathTC - 1,000 Points

Diamondmare - 1,000 Points
Day Three has ended, and man was it a doozy! Was good to see some more Slayers out today ^_^ Also found some interesting exploits that helped further our understanding of certain jobs. Thanks again for your hard work!

As always, here were our Top Ten of Day Three:

[Image: IX3asJ4.jpg]

Special congratulations also go out to our Top Three:

Isokitten  coming in at First Place

ExceedSaltSoul  coming in at Second Place

Hawaii1026  coming in at Third Place

And, here's where everybody is at:

Isokitten - 15,000 Points

Veresy - 6,000 Points

ExceedSoul - 3,000 Points

SkypathTC - 1,000 Points

Diamondmare - 1,000 Points

Hawaii1026 - 1,000 Points

Impressive work today, excited to see what you guys do tomorrow! As always... Best of luck everyone, hoping for a good clean race out there today!
Hello everyone, sorry for being a little late on Day Four's stats! Had a busy day today... so, without further ado...

Here were out Top Ten of Day Four:

[Image: FMYd3ed.png]

As you can see we had some good numbers out there! Great job Smile

Our Top Three were:

Isokitten coming in at First Place

Veresy coming in at Second Place

ExceedSoul coming in at Third Place

And here's where everyone is at:

Isokitten - 20,000 Points

Veresy - 9,000 Points

ExceedSoul - 4,000 Points

SkypathTC - 1,000 Points

Diamondmare - 1,000 Points

Hawaii1026 - 1,000 Points

Changed around the point costs of different prizes, so if you've placed even once you can now still get something for it! Thanks again for your participation everyone! ^_^
Day Five statistics are finally here! So, without too much preamble, let's get to it ^_^

Here were our final Top Ten:

[Image: bgLHoaZ.jpg]

As well as our final Top Three:

Isokitten coming in at First Place

Veresy coming in at Second Place

Hawaii1026 coming in at Third Place

Last, but not least, here is everyone's final tallies:

Isokitten - 25,000 Points

Veresy - 12,000 Points

ExceedSoul - 4,000 Points

Hawaii1026 - 2,000 Points

SkypathTC - 1,000 Points

Diamondmare - 1,000 Points

The final day of the testing period has ended! After today we've finally gotten jobs to a point that we're comfortable releasing them at. Because of all of your hard work we've balanced the economy as well as implemented some changes that make things fair for everyone. On behalf of Dreamcraft staff I would like to thank you all for participating, it may not have seemed like much but you all have had an active part in some huge changes on the server.

Congratulations on making it to the finish line!
Now that the REM Race is over, the winners have some points to spend! All of the winners will receive an in-game message about prize renewal, and as previously stated, it would be appreciated if what prize(s) you want were dropped in the forum thread below.

Also, don't forget that the prize costs were reworked so that every winner can get something. So, if you couldn't previously get something you can now!
Hello Snow.

With the 25,000 I would like to get 1 Nether star, 1 SkypathTC Head, and 3 Snowlore Heads.

I want to thank you Snowlore for taking the time to make this forum thread it helps a lot.

Could I get 2 villager spawn eggs over easy?

Thanks Snow

3 Bat Spawn eggs with a side of Depth Strider 3 Please and Thank you.

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