Lets give Rem a purpose.
So we have Rem. but... What do we do with it?

We can buy things from Shops, and Finance a City, but beyond that it's really not that useful.

do you have any suggestions about what to do with rem?

~~~Current Ideas~~~

Charge for Commands
/home --100 Rem
/nick ----10,000,000 Rem
/tp ------100,000 Rem
and more.

Charge for Cuboids
want to protect your base? put a deposit down for "protection"

Increase the penalty in your Job
if you're a Miner, and you place stone, instead of just losing the benefit of mining that stone, you pay a larger fee. 2x or greater than what you earned.

It will be easier to have a town, but you'll have to pay Taxes, and Buy Land for your Town.
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The REM amounts you mention are arbitrary right now, since the new system isn't added yet, but I'll respond to each as if it were an unpriced suggestion.

Charge for Commands: I don't think we'll have this. The commands that players have are what they can use, and taking their earnings just so they can simply go home isn't a great idea.

Charge for Cuboids: No, charging someone for staff to protect their land is not something I'm comfortable with. There will be pricing for adding special flags(mob protection, regen, etc), but not for giving cuboids.

Job penalty: The updated jobs plugin has exploit protection. This will be a non-issue.

Towny: I would need to look into this more, as I'm not completely against Towny, but having towny would not allow for the special cuboid flags for cities. This would be trading a feature for a feature, so we'll just have to see.
I concur with Lost, and am even less interested in Towny :p .
If only I could come up with a reasonable argument for Factions lol
I think that we can use REM for a few more things:
1. Getting the keepInventory rule for 1 day - 500 REM
2. Having a multiplier for your job - 1000 REM
3. Get protection from griefers - 100 REM
Thx for reading my advice and I hope that staff will add it.
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I swear u are crazy
(08-28-2015, 08:17 PM)JAYTHEBOSS Wrote: I swear u are crazy

Who do you swear is crazy...? Cause so far I only see reasonable suggestions. Tongue
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Lost already said no

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