Member Status and Hoppers
STARGATES: I'll get a quick tutorial(maybe a video) up to talk about stargates, should be today or tomorrow.

IN-GAME TITLES: Certain ones are reserved for staff, you can find info on [GM], [IT], [PR], and tags at the bottom of this linked post.

The other titles at the front that look like [M] or [Fa B] are Jobs.  You can view the Jobs commands by typing /jobs.  Joining jobs lets you earn REM(our currency) and sticking with jobs levels them up so you earn more REM.  You can only have two jobs at a time, and leaving a job resets its level back to 0 when you re-join it.

ECONOMY: As you've noticed, our economy needs a huge rehaul.  We're working on that this and next week, and there should be plenty to do with your REM after our changes are complete.

EVENTS: Like ibwicked said, we have a Dragon Event every now and then where we fight 5-10 enderdragons, which is always good fun.  You will see more events showing up within two to four weeks; after the economy is reworked, events are our next focus.

Thanks for all the questions, hope you got all your answers and feel free to ask more Smile
I made / posted a stargate tutorial step-by-step example, for everyone's reading and viewing pleasure.
Um, as for stars, I don't understand how do you get the fourth star as a normal player. I got 3 stars when I got 50 posts, so how do I get 4 stars?
"As I scan the area for enemies, I draw my sword out, prepared for battle."

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