Member Status and Hoppers
So ive just recently joined the server with my friend, and i was wondering if there was such a thing as members status. I notice in the chat how just about everyone thats on the server has some kinda title beside their names, but mine is blank. Are all these people with title staff members or are they members of the server? If they are members, how do i achieve that status. Also how do we get hoppers on this server? I need them for my farms.

P.S. you guys should add an admin shop along with the player shops. Because there is almost nothing in the player shops at spawn, so no is really buying or selling. This means that there is almost no player economy on the server due to the lack of exchanges. I believe and admin shop would help fix that. Also i know there are more shops out there, like around peoples houses but its really tedious to just go around searching for houses that have shops with the items you are searching for.

P.S.S. you guys should also give use access to /tpa and /tpahere. Its quite easy to lose ur friends and tpa would make it alot easier to find them. Also when you want to see peoples bases or you want them to see ur base, teleporting them there is a lot more convenient and faster than giving coords and them running or you showing them the way to ur house. Plus some people have forgotten how to get to their house from spawn.

P.S.S.S. Also now that there are a good amount of people on the server, why dont we have some events? I looked at the event thread on the forums and the last event held was last year. I think it would be quite fun to have some sort of event for the players online, whether it be a pvp event, parkour, a race, or something. It could even be some sort of "break the base" event where players are given items to use to destroy a base built by admins and who ever gets in first wins. Anything would be better than nothing.
Hi Jvon,

You should be able to go into user settings and change the title/signature for your profile. As for status, that mainly depends on your length and participation on DreamCraft - represented by the stars under your name. Anyone feel to correct me here since I can't see what a non-mod see's when they go to their profile settings...

As for a spawn shop, one is being planned, stay tuned Wink
(06-26-2015, 12:33 PM)ibwicked Wrote: As for a spawn shop, one is being planned, stay tuned Wink

Oh goody 

BTW I believe JVON, you are referring to the job title besides peoples name, like some people have a red H because they're a hunter, and some people have a Grey M because they're a Miner. If you want to get a job they'll earn you REM for doing things related to that job, and you can type 

/jobs join [name of job] 

You can find a list of every job that is available by typing 

/jobs browse

Doing so will get you the corresponding title beside your name

Ooooohhhh. Thanks you so much guys, i get it now. You guys have answered my questions except for one tho. If we even can, how do we get hoppers?
Also, about the events, are there any being planned? If not we should do that. I could help out if needed
Tongue forgot about that one. To enable hoppers type

/lwc flag hopper on

Then click on the chest that utilizes the hopper


Edit: No events are planned at the moment that I know of, but there will likely be one in the near future
Oh *facepalm you meant in game... I was thinking here in the forums... riiiight

As for events, we have a dragon event planed for tomorrow 4pmPDT/7pmEDT
Grab your armor and arrows, there will be a dragon to fight! There's also a PVP arena that's nearly completed (with a capture the flag arena) that will soon host gladiator events, that you can battle in now... Someday hope to build a hungergames arena... Other events, we're open to suggestions.

As for TPA, you're granted /spawn and /home but /TP is reserved for staff. However, you can build stargates on this server with 10 obsidian and a sign per gate. This allows you to create portals from one location to another, almost anywhere on the map. No more Lost friends or forgotten Homes! =)
Could you make a tutorial for how stargates work and how to use them? also when i type the command /lwc flag hopper on and click a chest, it says access denied

Edit: i clicked on a furnace and it worked with the hopper thing. But when i threw an item at the furnace, it didnt auto pick it up. I dont understand this could you please explain how i work this hopper command stuff.
Hi please use "/cprotect" on both your chests and hoppers - that should work (hopefully!).

A stargate tutorial is here: .
ok i gotcha

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