Towny Tutorial 1.0

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Towny Updates
Town Creation
Town Expansion
Town Management
Town Bank
Town Tiers without Players
Nation Creation
Nation Management
Alliances and Enemies
Bugs Progress Tracker
Bug or Question Submissions

Towny Updates:

No official updates from towny yet, sorry!

Town Creation:

Towns are created using a simple command, but it must be used this exact way. Certain characters (*,",@, etc) can cause it to fail.
/town new (name)
Spaces can be inserted using the '_' key. For example: /town new New_Harbour
The town's spawn or homeblock will be located where you are currently standing and the chunk (16x16 block area) around you will be claimed.

Town Expansion:

As the mayor of your new town, you can use "/town claim" on a chunk of wilderness attached to your town to claim it for your town. If the chunk is not near your city's borders, you can do "/town claim outpost" for a fee of 500REM to make an outpost. You can teleport here using "/t outpost (number)", the outpost number is in the order of which they were made. There is no way to rename them.

More complicated, you can do "/town claim circle (radius)" to claim land in a circle around you. For example: "/town claim circle 3" would claim 3 chunks in four different directions from my chunk, rounded out to claim a circular area. "/town claim rect 3" would do the same thing, but in a square shape.

"/town unclaim" Unclaims your current chunk.


Let's say JohnCena has been in your town for a while and you want him to be your Sheriff. This can be accomplished by using the command: "/town rank add JohnCena sheriff". "/town rank remove JohnCena sheriff" is to remove a resident like JohnCena from sheriff for RKO'ing too many noobs.

The available ranks are: assistant, helper, vip, sheriff.

If you want to hand over mayor to someone, be careful, the command is permanent: "/town set mayor JohnCena"

Town Management:

There are a lot of features for management, but it is good to know them even if you don't want to use them all.

"/town set board (message)" Sets a message for your town's people to read upon logging in or using the Towny town menu.

"/town set homeblock" Moves the location of "/town spawn" to your location.

"/town set plotprice (price)" Sets the default price of normal plots.

"/town set shopprice (price)" Sets the default price of shop plots.

"/town set embassyprice (price)" Sets the default price of embassy plots.

"/town set name (name)" Renames your town.

"/town set outpost" Sets the chunk your are in as an outpost spawn.

"/town set spawn" Resets the spawn - within your homeblock - to your location.

"/town set jail" Sets the chunk you are in as a jail.

"/town set tag (four letters or numbers)" Sets the chat tag for your town.

"/town set tag clear" Removes your chat tag.

"/town delete" Should remove your town entirely.

"/town buy" Lists plots for sale.

"/town toggle open" Sets the town to let anyone in at any time without an invite.

"/town toggle mobs" Sets hostile mob spawns on or off, mobs that enter claimed land will disappear.. (Default is off)

"/town toggle public" I believe this sets if randoms are allowed to spawn to your town or not.

"/town toggle pvp" Toggle your PvP on or off. (Default is off)

"/town toggle explosion" Toggles TnT or other explosions on or off. (Default is off)

"/town toggle fire" Toggles the spread of fire and usage of fire starting items on or off. (Default is off)

"/town toggle jail (number) (resident)" Not active yet, more to come.

"/town ranklist" Displays the ranked players in your command structure.

"/town reslist" Displays the peasants.



Town Bank:

"/town deposit (amount)" Deposits money into your bank.

Mayors can withdraw money with "/town withdraw (amount)".

Town Tiers without Players:

Nation Creation:

Nation Management:

Alliances and Enemies:

Bugs Progress Tracker:

Other Features:

Bug Report:

Thanks for reading!
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