I Was Unfairly Banned
IGN: jjdude00

Date banned: 2016-09-18
Staff member who banned you: FadingStar
Reason for banishment: Auction Scamming (Third Offence)
Why should we unban you? I was banned before for Auction Scamming (Second Offence) by FadingStar for 5 days.  I waited some days, and I logged back on to see how long I had left, but then I was permanently banned for Auction Scamming (Third Offence) which makes no sense because I did not go on since I did not go on since I was banned before. If I was actually scamming twice then FadingStar would have been banned permanently before banning me for just 5 days. In my opinion FadingStar is abusing power.
really dude that sucks, yeah FadingStar is abusing his power hope you get unbanned dude
As I said in your other thread, sorry to hear you got banned - but it wasn't by us on this server - another Dreamcraft? We have no FadingStar here.

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