Adding A Creative World
Hey guys, user Kill723 here with a suggestion for the server.

I've played on a couple of other MC servers before, and both of them have had a creative world. You couldn't transfer items between the creative and survival world, so it wasn't a way to exploit free items. It gave talented builders and pixel artists to make their work freely. It also allows survival players to test ideas (such as a redstone device, a new building style, or whatever new idea they need an open space or materials they don't have) and quickly decide if they like it or not. Unfortunately, Dreamcraft doesn't have such a world, meaning talented builders and pixel artists must collect all resources by hand, a time consuming process, and users wanting to test ideas must open a singleplayer world.

We have a PVP world that's separate from the survival world, so I would imagine a creative world is also possible. However, I've never run a server before, so it's possible I don't know something.


Hey there Kill,

It's definitely something that's possible, and is a possibility we're investigating along with a few other things to liven up the DC experience - sorry for a frustrating answer like that, but it's all that I can give at the moment Wink .

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