Super Powers PvP
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Super Powers PvP is arena pvp with a twist.
Click the [Warp] PvP sign at spawn to enter the pvp world
You will be teleported to the lobby.
In the lobby, you will choose a power to use and a map to play on.
Left click the power sign to gain that power.
Left click the map sign to be teleported to that map.

Have fun killing each other endlessly Smile

The list of powers is as follows:

Left click with an empty hand while sprinting to launch yourself

Increased sprint velocity
Run across small bodies of water while sprinting
Run through walls
Deal damage by running into entities

Increased health

Left click with an empty hand to shoot fire. 
Immune to lava and fire damage

Force field
(Left click with an empty hand to toggle. Deactivates after 10 seconds)
Temporarily deflect projectiles. 
Entities can't enter a 5 block radius around you. 
Breathe under water. 
Immune to lava and fire damage

[Temporarily Broken]
Toggle push/pull by right clicking a block
Pick up items from a distance
Push/pull entities around

Bullet proof
Permanent immunity to projectile damage

Poison gas
Left click with an empty hand to shoot a stream of poison gas 16 blocks. 
If it hits an entity, the entity is poisoned for 5 seconds

Left click with an empty hand to teleport up to 16 blocks in the direction you are looking

Run through walls

permanent regeneration II

Left click with an empty hand to create an explosion where you are looking. 
Does not break blocks
Damages entities

Left click with an empty hand to heal yourself,
All players within 16 blocks of you will be healed,
All undead mobs (Skeleton/Zombie) within 16 blocks of you will be withered,
Left click while looking at a player to heal them, regardless of how far away they are

Copy Cat
Punch a player to gain their powers
They do not lose their powers

Some of the powers may seem over powered in combat, and this is true, but I have specifically designed the powers to not be unbeatable by other powers. 
For example: Speed
  • A player with the speed power would be difficult to fight, but a player with blink is actually able to move around faster than a player with speed, so an experienced blinker could defeat a speedster in combat. 
  • A player with telekinesis would be able to divert the speedster's trajectory and potentially push them back faster than the speedster can run. This would give the telekinetic time to regen and make it difficult for the speedster to time their attacks while the telekinetic can inflict damage on the speedster.
  • A speedster is also highly vulnerable to a player with poison gas. The damage done by the poison would slow down the speedster and the toxic player would not need to be very close to inflict this damage.
  • However, a player with force field would not be a very good match against a speedster, as the velocity at which the speedster runs may overpower the force applied by the field.

Congrats! You made it to the end! If you have any ideas for possible powers or simply want to voice your opinions on the plugin, please feel free to tell me Tongue
- Darkstar

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maybye u could do a lightning one or a explosion one?
(07-16-2016, 03:14 AM)JAYTHEBOSS Wrote: maybye u could do a lightning one or a explosion one?

There already is an explosion one.

Left click with an empty hand to create an explosion where you are looking.
Does not break blocks
Damages entities"
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I might have to stop by and commit some murder soon Wink
Looking forward to it :p

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