Command List
Note: This post has been updated for DC13 and 1.16.1

General Gameplay:

/spawn -- Teleports you to the Dreamcraft Spawn, where you will initially join

/sethome [home name]** -- Sets your home to the spot you're at so you can later teleport back to it. Players are allowed a maximum of 3. **note that brackets are not included when typing the command. Example: /sethome home1

/home [home name] -- Teleports you back to the location of your home

/homes -- Lists the homes that you own

/remhome [home name] -- Removes the home teleport

/seen [username] -- Tells you when a player last logged on. Example: "/seen Jessahkat" will tell you when Jess was last on

/list -- Lists all players that are currently on the server (Can also be viewed by pressing Tab on your keyboard)

/near -- Lets you know what players are nearby on the map. The MAP is more useful for these instances

/afk -- Lets players know that you are away. (note: this happens automatically after a few minutes of inactivity, and after a while of being afk you will be kicked for inactivity)

/back -- Teleports you to the last location where you died

/suicide -- Kill yourself and keep all items and xp, usually used in case you're stuck

/xp -- Displays how much xp you have available, instead of just the level displayed normally

/coords -- Shows your position and direction in the world (same as the F3 screen but less annoying)

/blocks -- Converts items in your inventory into their block form. Example: if you have 90 emeralds in your inventory, it will convert them to 10 emerald blocks

/time -- Displays the time of day in the minecraft world

/pvp -- Turns on pvp for you. Only works if the other players you want to fight use it too

/dura -- Shows the number of uses left for the tool in your hand. (note: pressing F3 and H at the same time will show durability in your inventory)


/bal -- Dispalys the amount of REM that you have (the currency of the server)

/baltop -- Displays the leaderboard for most REM owned on the server

/pay [username] [amount] -- Pay the player that amount of REM. Example: "/pay jrchappy 1000" will transfer 1000 REM  to Chappy's account

/payconfirm -- Toggles a confirmation promt for payments

/payoff -- Disables receiving REM from other players

/payon -- Enables receiving REM from other players

/worth -- Gives you the adminshop value of the item in your hand

/buy [item] [amount] [price] -- Purchase an item from any player's shop. Example: "/buy diamond 1 100" lets you buy a diamond for 100 REM if available

/sell [amount] [item] [price] -- Sell an item for other players to purchase. Example: "/sell 64 dirt 1" lets you list 64 dirt blocks for 1 REM

/cancel [item] [amount] -- Cancel an item that you listed for sale. Example "/cancel dirt 32" would reduce the amount of dirt you're selling by 32. from the previous example it would mean you would now be selling 32 dirt blocks for 0.5 REM

/stock [username] [page] -- Shows which items a player is selling. Example: "/stock ArcaneBuilder 1" shows the first page of ArcaneBuilder's Shop

/sales [username] [page] -- Shows the transaction history of a player's shop. Example: "/sales ArcaneBuilder 2" shows the second page of ArcaneBuilder's transactions.

/adminshop -- opens up a menu where you can buy items from the server


/m [Username] [Message] -- Sends the player a private message that only they can see. Example "/m bloodshot9001 Hello" will send a private message to bloodshot9001 saying Hello

/tell -- All do the same thing as /m

/mail send [Username] [Message] -- Sends an "email" to the inbox of the user. Example: "/mail send Ozbar11 give me op" will send Oz a message to his inbox telling him to give you OP (Don't actually ask for OP unless you want to get banned)

/mail read -- Displays the messages in your inbox

/mail clear -- Clears the messages in your inbox

&1 -- Makes the message following blue. Example: If I type "I like &1Blue" into chat, it will appear as "I like Blue" Note that using & followed by a letter or number will have a different effect on the text depending on what the number or letter it is. A helpful website here shows all chat modifiers.

/action [Message] -- Say something in third person with cool purple text! Example: typing "/action ate too many potatoes" would, for me, display: Hawaii1026 ate too many potatoes

/ignore [Username] -- Ignore messages from a specific user. Use again to un-ignore. (note: if someone is being especially annoying you can ask staff for help)

/mtoggle -- Turns the ability to receive messages off. Use the command again to turn message receiving back on

/r [Message] -- Reply to the last person that sent you a private message



/jobs join [Job Name] -- Join the job (note: you can only have one job at a time)

/jobs leave [Job Name] -- Quit the job

/jobs info [Job Name] -- Gives you info about the job and what you can do to earn money in that job

/jobs top [Job Name] -- Leaderboard for highest level players in that job



/mcmmo -- Gives general info about mcmmo

/mcmmo help -- Lists some of the commands used for mcmmo

/mcability -- Toggle the enabling of special abilities, such as GIGA DRILL BREAKER for excavation. Useful when using two hands.

/notify -- Toggles ability notifications

/mcstats -- Displays your level for each mcmmo skill

/[Skill] -- Dispalys general info about that skill. Example: "/woodcutting" will have info about the woodcutting skill

/[Skill] ? [Page Number] -- Displays more detailed info about that skill. Example "/unarmed ? 2" will display the second page of information about the unarmed skill

/mctop -- Shows the leaderboard for total mcmmo levels

/mctop [Skill] -- Shows the leaderboard for number of mcmmo levels for that skill

/mcrank -- Shows the overall rank for all mcmmo skills

/mcrank [Skill] -- Shows overall rank on the server for that mcmmo skill


See Darkstar1592's post about residences first.

note: if you're not sure what the numbers mean, you should be fine selecting two blocks that contain the area you want to build on by making a wooden hoe, then left-clicking a block in one corner of your building area, and then right-clicking on a block in the other corner. Then do "/res select vert". Then do "/res create residence1". After, please ask for help from other players or staff. You can replace "residence1" from the last command with whatever you want to name your building area as long as there are no spaces in the name.

/res select [x] [y] [z] -- Selects an area around that player up to [x] [y] [z] blocks away. Example: If you were at 100, 64, 100, and used the command "/res select 20 20 20" it would create a protective cube from 80, 44, 80 to 120, 84, 120. (note: if you're not sure what the numbers mean, you should be fine doing "/res select 50 100 50" if you're far from spawn, then ask for help from other players or staff)  

/res select vert -- Once you've selected an area, it expands that area from bedrock (y=1) to build limit (y=256)

/res create [area name] -- Creates a residence with the given name. Example: "/res create bob" makes a residence named bob

/res padd [username] -- Adds the player to the residence that you're in. Example: if I did "/res padd CaptainPickguard" while in my residence it would allow CaptainPickguard to use it as well.

/res pdel [username] -- Removes the player from the residence (opposite of padd)

/res info -- Gives a variety of info about the residence you're in, like who owns it and what flags are being used.

/res message [area name] [enter/leave] [message] -- Sets a custom message that pops up in players' chats when they (respectively) enter/leave the residence. Example: "/res message bob enter I_LIKE_TRAINS"  would display I_LIKE_TRAINS upon entering the residence for all players

/res flags ? -- Displays the list of flags available to use for residences. For more info, see the website HERE

/res set [area name] [flag] [true/false/remove] -- Allows you to add/modify the flags for your residence. Example: "/res set bob tnt true" would allow TNT to explode and break blocks within the bounds of the residence.

/res subzone [area name] [subzone name] -- Creates a small area within the residence so you can modify flags for more specific areas if you don't want them to apply to the entire residence.


Note: Works for chests, trapped chests, droppers, dispensers, signs, doors, trapdoors, and fence gates.

/lock -- Use this and then left click the block to protect it from others using it.

/unlock -- Removes the protection from the block that you click.

/cmodify [Username] -- Give that user the ability to use the block.

/cpersist -- Keeps the following LWC command on until again until using /cpersist again. Example: "/cmodify" then "/unlock" will unlock each chest, door, etc. that you click until typing "/cmodify" again.

/cpublic -- locks a block so everyone can access it, but no one can lock it for themselves or destroy the block.

/cinfo -- view info on the protected block, e.g. who owns it.

/cdonation -- makes it so anyone can add to the inventory but only the owner(s) can remove from it.

/lwc flag [flag name] [state] -- adds a flag to the block. Example "/lwc flag hopper on" would allow the inventory of the protected block to be modified by a hopper. Other flags include "magnet", "redstone", "autoclose", "chopper", and "droptransfer".

/cremove -- removes the protection from the block.

Please comment with any questions or commands that I might've missed Smile
Some of the commands no longer work. Is there an updated list somewhere?
- May the RNG Gods smile upon you this day and the dice ever be in your favor  -
Hey - no updated list exists at the moment, but if you have any specific questions I can probably point you in the right direction


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