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Hello there, with the release of 1.9 coming soon, I would like to propose the idea of certain old Dreamcraft things, such as requirements for cities, like you had to pay a certain amount of gold, and have certain things in it. K to get things started here is a list of certain things I PERSONALLY would like to see brought back.

McMmo. Yes, we already have McMmo, but the old/veteran users would know that you would just have like a default name such as now if you didn't have a job, and your name would be like that until you purchased McMmo with a certain amount of gold, I think it might've been a few blocks. With this purchase you would give your gold to a staff member who would then add a "+" to the front/back of your name, I can't remember, and this would give you access to McMmo. Again this is just my opinion, I loved the aspect of purchasing McMmo, and not just automatically having it.

Cities. Again there is a section on the forums to become a "official" city, though it's not like it used to be, I would like to propose the idea, of requirements for cities. Like the old dreamcraft, you had to pay a certain amount of gold, and have certain structures in your city, monument, farms, mine, ect. I also liked this idea very much as it gave you something to work for. Even asking to become a city took work such as, you had to get screenshots from the map showing where it is, give cords, and even from what I remember take screenshots showing that you have the buildings needed to become a city. This aspect was very cool to me, because you could be a resident of a random person's city, live in your own city, and even have a cuboid in another place. That gave three outlets of places that you could travel and do stuff always keeping the DIY aspect of Dreamcraft fresh and new. Again, this is just my opinion.

Staff. This one isn't as big of a thing, but I figured I mine as well throw it in there. as of recent I noticed tags in front of the mods names, and just for nostalgia feels I guess, and in my opinion it looked better, I propose the idea of no tags, like we used to have it. Back in DC4 or 5 I believe there were no tags except the yellow "+" mark that came with McMmo, but you would identify a staff member by the color, the color schemes were the same back then as they are now, they just didn't have the tag. Like I said I just liked the look of them back then better, but this part isn't very important.

Thanks for reading my thread!
Not going to comment on McMMO as I never actually played DC6, but I see no problems with your suggestion, provided there were no stumbling blocks that would need revision.

Cities: I am in favor of this proposal, as it puts soft objectives to an otherwise freeform world, giving goal-oriented people something to work for, and thus more reason to commit to the server.

Staff: Being ex-staff, I'm rather indifferent about either chat tag. <Mod "name"> works, but <color for mods "name"> works just as well. In my opinion, having "mod" spelled out does include a tiny bit of extra clarity, as the question of "what does that chat prefix color stand for?" is removed from the equation and made redudant if the title is included.
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