Some old screenshots I found l DC4 l DC5 l Temp Maps
I apparently have a ton of old screenshots on my old photobucket. I just put them in an imgur album because there are almost 40 of them. 

I don't know exactly what some of them are, but a lot of it is Heliopolis in its early stages. Photos include: my crappy city on DC4. Many pictures of my bad builds (IE: Shop in Greystone and everything else), some random screenshots of me scouting for a spawn location on a new map ft. magmaguy, innacuray, and clarjon(probably DC5 or a temp map), and some screenshots of an underwater portion of a city I started with monkeyudds. My personal favorite is me trapping gage when he went AFK. Also me having a conversation with a hacker, which I don't remember happening at all. Enjoy!
Nice, nice, some old content in there :p
whenever you hear screenshot there is always a scary image as if it is a  destructive weapon :p  in your case well it is something related to your memories . keep cherishing Smile

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