Stepping down from admin
Hello Dreamcraftians!
It was not an easy decision for me, but I've decided to leave Dreamcraft. Ozbar11 will continue as Admin and will be a solid leader for DC and its staff and members.
Thanks all of you for an awesome journey. Everyone, from when I first logged into Dreamcraft in November 2010 to now, has made my experience with dreamcraft special. The good, the bad, and the rollercoaster of emotions over the years have given me a great chance to be part of a community that felt very much so like a family. I never thought I was going to be granted an admin position, but here we are.
I appreciate the chance I was given to volunteer with this staff and work as an admin. My work here actually helped me land a nice job and I’ve been very happy with it. I’ll always remember my time with my Dreamcraft family. Remember to stay happy and be good to each other, life's too short to focus on the bad stuff. 

Next time I’ll show up as a player Smile Take care everyone, and again, thank you.
Thanks Lost, see you around Smile
First he stepped down as Air Corps leader, then as admin...

Don't worry, I'll be sure to keep everyone organized (read: in utter chaos) without you. Stay well, Lost, and if you ever wanna play a GOOD Moba you should hit me up for some Heroes of the Storm. ;D
"As I pull my blade from your corpse, I will be sure to remember your name. Rest easy, knowing you were able to contend with a true Assassin."
Noooo, Lost! I was just thinking of making a return and I don't think I can if you're leaving... Sad day for DC. Nice knowing you, bud, good luck in your adventures!
Good luck Lost, have a good one.

@GKSisco, would my presence be enough of a motivation?

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