I Got Banned Cause i Was Playing a joke for YT
got banned for using IRC
Reason:Using IRC to troll ppl on DC for a YT vid
Banned By:Jessahkt

Why I should get on banned:All the ppl who i trolled where ok with being troll it was just a joke and then jessahkt got on and saw what ppl where saying and banned me Every time jessahkt is on i always get banned for one thing or another the the other mods like hawaii r cool with trolls its mods like jessahkt that make me want to quit DC
Your ban was temporary and you will be able to join again in 3 hours 10 minutes after this post.
I'm cool with trolling so long as everyone involved isn't too upset about it. The rule specifically says:

9) NO trolling! Trolling can create an unpleasant atmosphere and often results in arguments.
Trolling includes:
-Trapping people by building around them.
-Throwing potions at people to impair their ability to play, e.g. blinding or poison.
-Harassing players(see rule 4).
-YOU MAY prank friends and have fun that way, but be aware that if more people and/or staff gets involved, it will be stopped.

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