I need help
I've been playing for a week on the new server and uh.. I decided to make my account more secure, like an idiot. -.-

I changed my name and didn't realize the "name change not supported" wasn't about a mod, it was about the Mojang name change, soooo, I can't change my name back for 30 days now. Is there any possible way my "Baki_The_Fox" ingame file can be deleted so I can resume playing? I'd much appreciate it!

Wait, on second thought. Will that delete my ingame stats? I'm the number one rank in power level with 750 fishing and 1000 repair. I don't wanna lose that. I spent a month and a half just grinding for that. T_T
Yes, you would lose everything in game, :/ . Safest but most annoying bet is to wait out the 30 days, unfortunately.

Sorry about that!
I found the following post a while back, check to see if this will help you log in. Your data will most likely be reset from scratch, but I'm not 100% sure.


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