Poll: Which banner do you think should be the official DreamCraft banner?
This poll is closed.
Banner 1
0 0%
Banner 2
2 25.00%
Banner 3
4 50.00%
Banner 4
2 25.00%
Total 8 vote(s) 100%
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Official DreamCraft Banner Vote [Ended]
Heyo fellow Dreamcraftians, below are the different submissions that were accepted for your consideration! 

If you submitted and don't see your banner below then your entry was likely weeded out due to incorrect posting, or for other reasons stated in the previous thread. For now the submission thread will also be unavailable so that the voting is fair and unbiased. This isn't a popularity contest after all Tongue 

Anyway, just wanted to thank everyone again that participated. All activity is appreciated and helps keeping contests and events like this going. 

Each banner submission below will have a number, so when voting be sure to correlate the numbers/options accordingly!

Banner 1:

[Image: vrKoz0p.png]

Banner 2:

[Image: fGX4wNb.png]

Banner 3:

[Image: f7ghzrH.png]

Banner 4:

[Image: Nt8Oo8A.jpg]

The poll will be closed on Friday September 25th.
Voted on my one Smile plz choose it
Where is mine?
@ @ 0
@ @ I
@@@ \\
Yours is wrong so it didn't count
Thank you everyone for your votes! We really appreciate your feedback and look forward to exemplifying your choices in game Smile After a close competition, and some absolutely wonderful submissions Banner #3 was voted DreamCraft's official banner. It will be implemented across the map on different official DC builds. Also, feel free to use it for yourself. The recipe for it is on the right side of the picture posted above!

Thanks again everyone!

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