How Does Everyone Feel about StarGates?
Staff are currently taking a look at StarGates to see if they can be improved, so we want your feedback as to whether you like StarGates or not! Are there any particular features about them you like? Any you hate? Anything you want to see changed? Your input is valuable to us, so please don't hold back! If you completely hate StarGates, rip it apart and tell us why! If you love them, then explain what you think is the best part about them!
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personally, i prefer warp signs (and other Sign tools from Essentials, but i digress) because they are easier to hide, and a LOT less noisy.
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I don't think star gates are fair to all of dreamcraft becuz beginners may want to make some network of houses and shelters or for a quick escape and people need diamond piks
Because of some reason, I can't make star gates or even use existing ones!
SOMEONE FIX THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! Angry
Everyone else seems to use them just fine. Could you PM me and explain what goes wrong when you try to use them? Thanks.
I think with the new update travel has a new meaning. Star gates are all over. There aren't subways, rivers, bridges, roads, railroads, or even stairs anymore in some cases - just portal rooms.
With the redesigned boats and elytra (wings) having river-ways and launch towers would make use of the new features.
Since combat is better it also allows opportunities for fights and ambushes. Also it makes the game more challenging!
Also of note people will make star gates to the end and grab all the elytra..knocking new players out of the race to the skies.
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