Darkstar's Enchantment Shop
Darkstar's Enchantment Shop

I will be selling enchantments! You can buy books for me to put on your weapons or armor, or you can just buy the book. 
If you want me to put the enchantment on an item, you will have to supply the item.
I sell all vanilla enchantments, this means no fortune 5 books like you'll find on emerald tools.

Now you may be wondering: "Dark? Why should I buy from you when I can get better enchantments on emerald tools?"
Well I'm glad you asked!
Emerald tools only come with one enchantment, and when you have a really powerful enchantment on an item, it costs a lot more xp to put any more enchantments on. And it could even get too expensive!
So thats where I come in. Your humble enchanter at your service to create powerful weapons and armor for all.

Heres how my pricing works: I don't charge more for different enchantments, I charge differently for different enchantment levels

For enchantments that range from I-II:
Each level costs 50 rem (100 rem for level II)
Fire Aspect

For enchantments that range from I-III:
Each level costs 100 rem (300 rem for level III)
Depth Strider
Luck of the Sea

For enchantments that range from I-IV:
Each level costs 150 rem (600 rem for level IV)
Fire Protection
Blast Protection
Projectile Protection
Feather Falling

For enchantments that range from I-V:
Each level costs 200 rem (1000 rem for level V)
Bane of Arthropods

These are each 400 rem because of their rarity:
Silk Touch I
Infinity I
Aqua Affinity I
Flame I (Bow enchant)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in game or reply to this post.
If I'm offline and you want to place an order, please don't reply to this post. Either send me a forum PM or mail me in game.
- Darkstar

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