I got SCAMMED!!!!
I offered to trade 32 emeralds for 1 stack of iron blocks in chat. Havog accepted the deal and told me to give him time to get the iron, so i did. I specifically said make sure its iron blocks not iron ingots multiple times. After awhile he msged me and so we went to go trade. I dropped my emeralds for him, then he dropped 1 stack of iron ingots.... i said blocks, not ingots! I tried telling him that and he kept saying that i said iron ingots. WHO WOULD TRADE 32 EMERALDS FOR 1 STACK OF IRON INGOTS?!?!?!! thats so stupid! I threw back the iron and told him to give me my emeralds back, and he refused. He then left with the iron and the emeralds.. I tried telling Darkstar1592 about the problem, and he talked to Havog. He told me i should try to compromise with him. How do u compromise with someone who scammed u?? He took everything and i got nothing. I believe he should give me my emeralds back. Currently Darkstar is doing all he can to help me but so far i dont have my emeralds back and this is wrong! Havog should be punished somehow for scamming me as well as return my emeralds >Sad
This has been resolved. Apologies for this being an issue. If you ever have a complaint with how staff is handling an issue, please message an SMod or an Admin and they'll look into it.

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