Fireworks Festival Album [Ended]
LostUser posted his screenshots taken, but here are the highlights from the 24 photos I took.

[Image: 995IeK5.jpg]
Excitement before the event

[Image: gYyk8wK.png]
The fireworks begin!

[Image: 15u8eSm.png]
The King looks over his kingdom

[Image: hkrwAy7.png]
Exceed and his Exceedling observe the fireworks

[Image: VIjCb6F.jpg]
Snow's beautiful balloons

[Image: LPVbI0Y.png]
Exceed being...Exceed

[Image: s29En4C.png]
Snowlore and her handiwork

[Image: w3bXANK.jpg]
Happy fireworks festival!

[Image: hOtv9gk.jpg]
Thank you for everyone who showed up and had fun!

[Image: N6oCnJZ.jpg]
Mod selfie!
This is really cool
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Hah, I forgot you could do those frontal-view shots! I thought you were just being crazy when you said "I'll do a selfie!" Tongue These turned out awesome, I like the captions.
Hah, thanks! If you noticed me randomly going left-to-right or dropping randomly, that was me figuring out backwards controlls ^^
I especially like the staff pic <3

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