My birthday is on saturday :D
My birthday is on Saturday, July 4th Big Grin, I will be 20 and in (I think :p) November, It will mark my 5th year on DC Big Grin. Its also good to see the community getting bigger. I would log in to the server every now and then to see how things are going and would only see, maybe, 5 or so people on. Today, I logged in and almost 20 people were playing. I haven't seen that many people online since the old DC had died. This really warms my heart Smile.
Hey IICQ! Been a while Wink Glad to see ya, and Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday CQB Smile It's been a long time since DC started, for sure. I remember when the member cap was 50 in the DC3 days and we kept hitting that consistently for a while. Would be awesome to get back to that level, and I know we can do it. Good to see you back around friend.
Happy birthday
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Thanks for happy birthdays guys Big Grin

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