Firework Festival [Ended]
,。・:*:・゜Hello, fellow Dreamcraftians!  。・:*:・゜’  

It's that time of year again -- Summer! Time of snowcones, ice cream, pool parties, beach visits and best of all firework displays. To commemorate the fun days of Summer we're kicking the season off with a fun filled Firework Festival (dare you to say that five times fast!).

A Drop Party will be held before the fireworks fire up, and we need some donations to get the pool going. We already have a Beacon, Sea Lanterns, Staff Heads, Mob Eggs, and some Sponge (not of the Bob variety). If you want to donate, get in touch with someone from staff and give them what you'd like to be dropped. Anything and everything helps!

There will also be an Ender Dragon event afterwards so be sure to prepare your armor and sharpen your swords! If you want to participate in the fight but don't have the gear, ask around I'm sure someone has equipment for sale. Everyone would be more than willing to help.

Last but not least we have the grand finale: a firework display! Along with perfect vantage points around Spawn in the form of hot air balloons. Want to watch the show in the privacy of a balloon by yourself or with all of your friends? Go ahead there will be enough. 

We want to see as many players show up as possible, so even if you don't want to participate in the big events we would love to see you there!

The Firework Festival will start @ 8pm EST (check your region to see what time that is for you) on July 3rd and will be held at Spawn.

Hope to see you all there!

[Image: 2277542_orig.png]
This is the design for the Hot Air Balloons. 
They will be all different colors and placed around Spawn at different points to view the fireworks display.

[Image: 7mGvsvE.jpg]
It was recently brought to my attention that some people may not know what a Drop Party is. A Drop Party is an event in which there is one or multiple staff members flying above players dropping items -- usually a mix of rare, common and player donated items. Then the members run around trying to collect what they want. Once the staff members run out of items the event ends and the members get to keep what they collected. 

(There may be some spawned in items included as well, but nothing game-breaking.)
This looks like it will be a lot of fun, I hope to see more events like this in the future.
This looks cool. I plan on donating some stuff. Smile
Isabella ~ Skyrecruit9876
I'm down to party Wink
,。・:*:・゜Hello, once again fellow Dreamcraftians!  。・:*:・゜’  

Thank you to everyone for coming to the Firework Festival! We had an absolutely fantastic turn out of 24 people at our peak. 

If you would like to post your pictures here in this thread, I'll pick some of the best ones to post on our PlanetMinecraft post for everyone to see, as well as possibly a video collage if there are enough.

Excited to see what fun times everyone had!

Thanks again!

Happy Firework Festival!
I'll get this started! Here are my pictures of the event, in their fully uncropped glory.

Link to album of the Drop Party

Link to album of the Dragon Event

Link to album of the Firework Finale
I recorded a video of the Firework Festival! It was awesome! 

Here is the link to the video:
Cool video

Now I know who got my head Wink


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