TUTORIAL - Stargates
THIS LINK GOES TO THE DEVELOPER'S OWN NOTES, which will also be copied below.


   O  O - These are Obsidian blocks. You need 10.
   O  O - Place a sign on either of these two blocks of Obsidian.
   O  O

- Line 1: Gate Name (Max 11 characters)
- Line 2: Destination Name [Optional] (Max 11 characters, used for fixed-gates only)
- Line 3: Network name [Optional] (Max 11 characters)
- Line 4: Options [Optional] :
         'A' for always-on fixed gate
         'H' for hidden networked gate
         'P' for a private gate
         'F' for a free gate
         'B' is for a backwards facing gate (You will exit the back)
         'S' is for showing an always-on gate in the network list
         'N' is for hiding the network name
         'R' is for random gates. These follow standard permissions of gates, but have a random exit location every time a player enters.

Start with an obsidian gate using the "building a stargate" example above.  The corners can be whatever you wish; I chose sponge! The obsidian block next to the magenta wool is where you will place the sign.
[Image: 3rdC5gP.png]

Place the sign, using the "Sign Layout" section above.  For my example, I went with what most gates will have, a gate name("LostGate") and a network name("LostNetwork").  NOTE: The second and fourth lines on the sign are optional and can customize how the startgate/network operates. Read the "Sign Layout" section above and feel free to experiment with different options.
[Image: vGoCnaW.png]

And there, your gate is made!  The network "LostNetwork" did not exist before, so this gate doesn't go anywhere.  Now I'll make a second gate on this network.
[Image: OzqfOzu.png]

Here's my sign for the second gate.  This gate name is "LostGate2", and the network is still the same, "LostNetwork".
[Image: Nqzlin7.png]

The gates are done!  Lets test them out now.
[Image: CWUrBNT.png]

Right-click the sign on one of the gates and it will show the list of gates you can warp to.  The only other gate on this network right now is "LostGate2", so that's the only one that will show.  Large networks will have many gates on this list.
[Image: 4ZDeFhH.png]

Once you select the gate you wish to warp to, right-click the button and then you can jump through!
[Image: kF7Vm3n.png]
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