6/14/15 Updates - BRB AFK LOL WTF
+ BACKUPS ARE NOW LESS FREQUENT. The lag train will now make less stops on Dreamcraft. Backups will only be done once a day now.

+ USERS CAN NOW USE /IGNORE PLAYERNAME. We're all for the community, but sometimes there's another member that really grinds your gears. You can now mute them if you need to. Please use this feature before you get into shouting matches with other users; I really don't care much for shouting matches or tolerate them.

+ DEATHS ARE RE-ENABLED BUT HIDDEN WHEN MORE MEMBERS ARE ONLINE. We'll see how this one goes, but when under 10 members are online, deaths are shown. When over 10 members are online, deaths are hidden.

- CHANGED THE AFK RULES! DON'T HATE ME! This change is mainly to prevent players from afking in a mob grinder, which can cause a large amount of stress on the server for little gain. If players want to use mob grinders, they'll have to be a little more active on their part! So now...THE NEW RULES: A player will now automatically /AFK at 3 minutes of doing nothing, and will be auto-kicked from the server at 15 minutes of afk time. While afk, players can't pick up items.

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