Anor Londo
Name of City: Anor Londo
Owner: BloodShot9001
Sub Owners: Crisisangelwolf, Fullmetalguitar
Rough Coordinates: -800, 534 to -918, 416
Theme: Mercenaries and Assassins. Very big on PvP
Tax Credits: Tavern, Pictures, Noticeboard, Staff Rest Area

[Image: i1bRFnE.png]

Anor Londo is the city of mercenaries and assassins bent on fighting to the bitter end... while also doing everything in their power to help others for the right price. We have a tavern, a PvP Arena with set loadouts so every team is equal in terms of equipment, and betting! We're still working hard at making this the best PvP Hub in DreamCraft, so join us and you can partake in the merriment!

[Image: bJbS8EV.png]

[Image: PuYDl3p.png]
"As I pull my blade from your corpse, I will be sure to remember your name. Rest easy, knowing you were able to contend with a true Assassin."
Sounds cool! We'll be by soon to check out your city and ensure that it meets code. Upon approval by staff, you will be granted a license!
Praise the sun! \[T]/

This video should help you with planning
I actually watched that all the way through =P

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