So TNT does not cause any sort of explosion when activated. I understand this is most likely an attempt to prevent griefing. However, for people with high mining in MCMMO, there's a thing called "Blast Mining" which shoudl allow the use of TNT to be used from afar. I think that TNT should be activated in this way, if possible to distinguish between the two.

Just bringing this to attention, not sure what will be done about it. No worries if nothing can be. -shrugs- I'll jsut mine the old fashion way.
Yep, this is old news. TNT is active for everybody Smile We're very intolerant of TNT griefing, as well.
Seriously, I NEED TO ACTIVE TNT FOR BLAST MINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Angry
I don't even think about griefing I'm too busy ether mining or building my skybase Angry
You are able to use TNT, Jay. In addition, once your Mining is 250, you can use Flint/Steel from a distance (i.e. blast mining).
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Woah! That's a high level! Oh and do fire arrows work?
Yes, flaming arrows will light TNT
Then will they create a permanent crater?
Yes, they will create a permanent crater.

(Keep in mind it can still be undone in case you have an accident with the TNT)
Ok. Thank god this is a old post.
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