I've been griefed :C
Someone has stolen from me.

What I've seen missing so far: A full set of diamond armor (partially enchanted) from an armor stand, all but 1 of my crops gone (not a big loss as its a tiny farm), an Iron block I've been using for repairs, and two armor stands with both leather and Iron armor from a player's house close by (I won't go calling my area a village yet).
-Thankfully my chests with my more valuable things were locked and a lot of my chest items were untouched probably because they assumed the chests were all locked. More than likely a hit and run deal.

What they left behind: A sign with random letters on it. And an empty spot where my beloved iron block was. (I miss that block)

Thanks in advance.

Edit: I just checked the lock info on that sign and it was placed by CaptSprinkle
Has this been resolved? If not, I'll help you out when I'm next ingame.

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