Establishing cities!
Cities are a great thing to work towards - lets have a look at how to get one.

- Your city must be of appropriate size (Look at downtown spawn to get a general idea).
- You must have at least three members (Some exceptions may be made for particularly excellent or promising 2 person cities, but we would expect you to try find more members eventually).
- Must have a working chest shop (Five chests minimum - you can buy or sell anything but you must maintain your stocks/REM).
- Must have villagers (Two villagers minimum - living in, around, or under your city - and you must keep them alive).
- Must have a place for people to rent rooms (Two rooms minimum - hotel, apartments, bungalow, dank cellar, don't matter).
- You should already have a cuboid, but it's not required.
- It costs R50,000 to register a city.

City perks:
- A portal from spawn to your city.
- A nether portal, given a legitimate requirement and staff approval.
- The opportunity to establish a PVP arena, if approved by two staff.
- Hopefully more to come!

Tax credits!

Does R50,000 sound over budget? Finance department breathing down your neck? Tax credits could save your day.
A tax credit is something you can build or do to reduce the overall price of your city.

- Railway/subway station:
    - This station should extend to the edge of your cuboid so that other cities can attach to it.
      It should have both a North-South and East-West tunnel/track. Building one will take R5000 off your city price.
- Staff AFK nook:
    - Somewhere nice for us staff to live when we're AFK!
      Building one will take R500 off your city price.
- City noticeboard:
    - A large board in the middle of your city where you write down all the members of your city, recent and planned events, and anything else relevant.
      This should be kept updated every week or so.
      Building one will take R1000 off your city price.
- City forge and crafting area:
    - An appropriately decorated area or building in the center of your city that houses a few anvils, crafting tables, and furnaces.
      Building one will take R2000 off your city price.
      Including chests of common goods (wood, iron, stone) for your members to use will discount an additional R2000.
- Public farms:
    - A large, publicly accessible farm for weary travellers to resupply their food from.
      Building one with only crops will take R2000 off your city price.
      Building one with crops and animals available will take R3000 off your city price.
- Tavern:
    - A building that is appropriately constructed to resemble a tavern, and sells some kind of food/drink
      via chest shops.
      As a bonus, taverns will slowly feed you when you stand in them.
      Building one will take R2000 off your city price.
- Grand building:
    - A large, epic building that really makes your city amazing. This could be a huge cathedral,
      or a great library, or a awesome maze.
      Building an grand building in your city will take R5000 off your city price.
- Pictures on forum post:
    - Include several pictures on your cities forum post such as a screenshot from the map,
      some pictures of your buildings, or even a photo of your members standing by the forge.
      Including some pictures with your forum post will take R500 off your city price.
- Be connected to a large player run Stargate network:
    - Ask around to see who has a impressive Stargate network, or create one with prospective mayors!
      Being part of a reasonable sized network of cities and estates will take R2000 off your city price.
- Beacon:
    - Build a beacon of any material that covers most of your city
      Building a beacon will take R2000 off your city price.
- Have a good number of members! :
    - Any members over three will deduct R1000 per member, up to 5 additional members (R5000!)
Submit an approval request on the cities forum here and the staff will review your request. If it meets the requirements, you will be granted a city licence. The portal in spawn will be yours as long as you maintain the minimums of a city. If space is limited and you don't have a functioning city, your portal will go to the next city that has applied/approved.

If you've read through all of this, and decided to apply for a city, your application should look something like this, putting pictures where appropriate if you wish:

Name of city:
Owner (Or joint owners):
First DC map you joined (i.e. DC6 - the current map is DC9):
Members (You can only be a member of two cities):
Rough X and Z coordinates:
Theme (If any):
Which tax credits you are applying for:

City regulations and tax credits are subject to change.

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