Spawn Player MiniMarket is Here!
Greetings Programs...  Spawn Player MiniMarket is now open!

The market is located through either of the side doors in the below image, and then turning to the staircase marked "Market".
[Image: 46aaae1aa5.jpg]

Players are now able to purchase stalls in the Mini Market inside Spawn Tower.  These are mini chest shops for players to buy and sell their items for REM.  There are three tiers of stalls:

1x1 - 5,000 REM
One chest, 1 item frame (including item for frame), 1 lantern, 1 advertisement sign, 1 info sign - at spawn
[Image: 8118bb8cba.jpg]

2x2 - 15,000 REM
Two chests, 2 item frames (including items for frames), 2 lanterns, 1 décor item (your choice), 2 advertisement signs, 1 info sign - at spawn
[Image: 77e8ba241b.jpg]

3x3 - 25,000 REM
Three chests, 3 item frames (including items for frames), 4 lanterns, upgraded décor, staired entrance, 2 floorplans to choose from, 3 advertisement signs (that you can arrange), 1 info sign - prime placement at spawn
[Image: 8eced5a02b.jpg]

- You may buy or sell any item(s) you choose in the provided chests.
- Stalls can be purchases from any online Mod.
- Stalls are on a first-come, first-served basis.
- Stalls are transferable and sellable.
- You can only own one shop at a time.

Only 2x2 stalls are customizable for owners - as far as arrangement of chests/paintings/flowers/item frames/sign.  You can currently see an arrangement of sample choices.  However, 2x2 owners cannot rearrange their advertisement signs.

3x3 stall owners cannot arrange their chests/paintings/flowers/item frames/signs, but able to choose which paintings and flowers to decorate their shops with.  However, 3x3 owners can arrange their advertisement signs.

2x2 and 3x3 owners can also opt to have less paintings or flowers (or remove them all together).

These arrangement choices can only be made once, upon purchase.

You are responsible for maintaining the stocks in your store, if they are not restocked in a timely fashion - say a couple weeks and we notice you aren't managing your store (or a dead store that has obviously been abandoned), we will remove your chests and put the stall back up for sale.  Should a stall come up for sale, it will be auctioned off starting at $5K on the forums for 24 hrs - final bidding will be moved to chat if it comes down to a bidding war.

(These specifications are subject to change)

Anyone caught using hacks or mods to abuse the chest shops will be immediately banned, permanently...

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