Hear Ye Hear Ye...  Come one, come all, tell your friends, tell your family, DC9 is coming!

Sorry for the wait.

DC8 will become unavailable at about 10:00PM (GMT-8) on Friday the 13th of February (come kiss your builds goodbye before then!), and around midnight, DreamCraft will switch over to DC9! Just in time for those of you who don't have dates for Valentines - come spend National Singles Day with us as we open the doors to the new server!  We'll love ya just the same Wink .

We've been hard at work constructing a spawn for this map, and hope you'll like it. A bit of fine tuning may or may not exist by necessity for a short time after the launch, but I'm sure we'll all survive.

All your favorite plugins including but not limited to ChestShop, Stargate, LWC chest protection, and the dynamic map are all in, ready to go, along with all our grief protection.  And of course, we're all up to date with 1.8! All mcMMO stats will transfer over to provide some continuity, however in the interest of a truer fresh start, money will not. To make up for this, the starting balance will be raised from R100 to R5000 for the first week.

It's been a good run on DC8, it's lasted since about the third of February, last year. We truly appreciate all of you who continue to play on DC, and those who have committed countless hours in the past, and surely those who will commit countless hours in the future!

Stay tuned!

Did You Know: 1.8 has rabbits and underwater temples?
Omg yusssssssssss. finally a new map!
Dude it's awesome! We're setting up a PVP arena, portal rooms (with spawn portals to member cities), a boat dock with rentable slips, an NPC market, a parkour course, and a few small chest shops you can rent in spawn. Once we go live, we'll be taking a poll of what members would like to see added to spawn. We also have lots of secret rooms to find, and a few diamonds laying around, so be sure and explore Wink

Remember, THIS FRIDAY, the 13TH @ MIDNIGHT!!!

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