New Eperney [Abandoned]
As you might be able to tell, this city was never remade. I instead worked on Highcroft: a new city. I'm going to delete this post soon, but want to leave it up for a week so I can look over it. New city post coming for 1.9!

A background on Eperney, a DC 5 city made from mossy stones; a city inside fair walls, watched over by the governors humble tower. It has been so many years that I don't believe I have images of Eperney. I shall describe in words what has been lost to the ages. Eperney was a military town with a castle dedicated to protecting those who couldn't protect themselves. The governor watched over the town from a tower on a hill, not a tall or fancy one, mind that. The governor would bake cakes for his people and would spend countless hours toiling next to his people to add new districts to the city, new houses, better infrastructure, a railway, a sewer, and many public buildings. One day the people of the world seemed to drift off to parts unknown, the governor grew ill and the world changed. The ruins of Eperney were discovered by his descendants and they decided to remake Eperney, maybe better than the last. They settled in an icy land and began their work. Now here we are.

New Eperney

Features that will be going into New Eperney include:
  • An ice embellished wall around the city.
  • A detailed plain of where the city shall go, posted on the forums.
  • A grand castle starting with the Governor's tower, which is currently a basement right now.
  • A sewer system is likely to be implemented.
  • Many towers are likely to be stood on end.
  • And a large greenhouse will be created for the community to use.

Rules for New Eperney

  • *No destroying other townspeople's property.
  • ***No senseless hazing or murdering in the streets, there will be a fight pit, take it there.
  • *No raiding the town's storage or taking large amounts without asking (shoot me a PM or Skype message).
  • **No stealing from fellow townsfolk.
  • No building your house mostly with ugly blocks (netherrack, pumpkins, obsidian, mineral blocks, dirt, etc.).
  • ***No tunneling under the walls or buildings when they are made, we will have gates for you to use.
  • ***No building 1x1 towers or towering over the walls, that makes the Governor mad because no one ever cleans up those towers but himSmile.
  • No building box houses, if you need help building as the Governor and he will point you a direction.
  • *NO mob spawners/grinders. Nein! (They lag and look terrible 99% of the time).
  • If you need farmland just ask and we will give you around the amount you are looking for.
  • **No breaking or entering. If you want to see someone's house - ask them.
  • Replant crops and forests that you harvest, and breed animals before you kill them.
  • If you need help with anything, ask. I am not mean by giving out all these rules, I just want everything to look pretty and for everybody to be happy!
  • If we go to war we would like you to support your town, obviously.
Please call the Governor and his guards if you are the victim of a crime..!



Lieutenant Major of the Guards



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