Remove Stargate for 1.8? now hear me out!
Since there's going to be a map reset i was thinking of a little extra added playa-blility of the game. I remember in super old DC there was a rail station and stuff and it was pretty cool. Well with the new 1.8 coming out, vanilla rails are going to be about 3x faster then before and overall improved.

My suggestion is to remove stargate... Now DONT freak out just yet thinkin "How will i get to my 9900m way island! If stargate's were removed it would promote more "spreading" as a civilization and bring back the use of rails as I feel they have been forgotten.

Any suggestions or thoughts on this guys n' gals? Big Grin
Generally I'm against stargates as well, especially since they look nothing like actual stargates (lol)

A rail system would work well if it had a lit walkway beside it, and was planned. It would have to level with the ground, conforming to the land, so users could easily leave it to start building their home.

That being said, it'd take a lot of time and hard work to implement it.
I was thinking some kind of set of 4 main direction bridges could be set up at lv, 68. just a few blocks above sea lvl. and it would be a bridge with rails in the middle and walkway on the side. Im suggesting it because in a previous DC i built a 3500m long bridge from spawn to my island (lol).

"That being said, it'd take a lot of time and hard work to implement it." Exactly though, it would create more of an expanding effect of towns away from spawn.

Then again after someone used the rail once to get to lets say 7ooom S they would just /home all the time instead of using the rails :/
Different portal shapes are totally possible!
Even if that's from a different mod it still gets across the idea

We have put some thought, at least, into the idea of removing Stargate (It is an INCREDIBLY old plugin, last updated for Minecraft BETA 1.5) because it will likely become unusable going into 1.8 (No UUID support, no bug fixes, no support at all, in fact). We are looking into ways to replace the plugin, though we may well just remove it in favor of rail, road, or something else.

The only problem with a huge rail system is that someone needs to make it!

Maybe a good idea would be offering incentives for cities to connect themselves with the rail network, at their cost? Open to ideas!
I'd love to see rails re-added. I think the thing I wonder about the most is how my journey in DC would've turned out had I gotten on a different rail; I went to the T.F.S. Geb (Heliopolis, Earth Corps, DC4) but I could've gone to Incendia. What would've happened, idk, but man, was it exciting to see.
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I feel very bad for stopping playing. I have loved Dreamcraft for a long time, and I was a bit disappointed to see jobs and stargates added, it just changed the DC experience so much.

I am busy with a server of my own, but at the map reset I would be willing to help in construction of one of the rail lines. I built the North Portal-Desdimonia line on DC6 with the help of Echoic.

I can find the time to do so again.
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Don't feel bad, people come and go all the time. I'm sorry that you were disappointed to see jobs and stargates added, would you like to elaborate on how they've changed the experience so much? I would like to make a couple counter-points to those two plugins as well.

Stargates used to be in DC3 and were removed when hMod failed, so they aren't really anything new. It's just an easier way to stay connected and provide fast-travel, a feature that all MMOs have. A player still has to travel a ways out to place the portal, so the distance is still being traversed, more or less.

Jobs is new and will be one of the main ways to gain money, but isn't required to play. The money, REM, will be playing a larger role in automating player cuboid creation and expansion, providing a use for shops, and as a reward for completing events. When the kinks are worked out, it will be effortless for a usual player to make REM to fund his or her town growth and possibly a shop, as well as paying other players for work done emptying a chunk or building something.
I actually calculated the cost for a Rail on this current server from my DC west Hub to spawn, 3000 Iron covers 8000 rail, I probably have 1700-1800 Iron usable (a lot is blocks for my beacon xD), but with MCMMO mining levels for double drop, and MCMMO smelting stats for double forge I can abandon mine dive and in an hour or two pull our 400-500+ Ironbars, it just requires some dedicated miners willing to make big bucks REM wise. I'm all for no stargates (its a hassle, but its doable), maybe perhaps we keep the DC hubs? but instead of making them completely near the edge of the map we put them about midway from spawn to edge of the map? I'm all for building a Rail on this server as it is, and definitely on the next server. Just don't ban Mob farms and Emerald tools xD.

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