Guys... I have been gone for a long time. Work got the best of me, I lost interest in Minecraft, and I left you guys. Now I wanna play again, but my family is gone! I miss everybody, let's get this server going again! I don't want to have to find a new server to play on, I have to stay loyal to the DC fam!
Haven't seen you in forever - welcome back! We've been, ah, a bit sleepy recently.. Lots of people are still here! Just quite, ah, inactive. Invite all your friends!
I'm interested in getting back into this happy little game myself. Can someone give me a rundown on the changes and current state of DC?

Good to see you back, Khal, it's been awhile.

Notable changes since you were active can probably be summarized as:

* New staff, and several retirements.

* A change in the advertised nature of DC from "100% DIY" to "Semi-DIY" (Only server projects like spawn areas and public facilities are included in this).

* Addition of several insignificant plugins.

As you may have gathered, we're fairly inactive at the moment. Not sure if you're part of the staff chat, but we'd love to see you in there, and you would get a more comprehensive rundown.

Khal! Good to see you back man, might i just add the most important change since you've been gone? I AM BACK! xD
Lots of ancient names still floating about I see!
Hey everyone. I am new to the server and want to know why I am stuck in the floor on login.
Hope to see this server take off again because currently it is quiet.
Kinda the wrong place to post, Karl, but good to see you've found us, anyway Smile . If you're stuck in game, try typing /spawn to escape!
Hey Hey, look at all the familiar faces! Sup Ya'll!

Some of DC's best have been dropping by recently and you've been sorely missed! And while DC has been quite as of late, we're launching 1.8 this weekend with a fresh map, new features, plugins, and rabbits... If you guys really want to see DC rise again, now would be the perfect time to get everyone back on, bring some of that talent our way for the release, or even if just to say hi. Let's jump start this community again!

So calling on all DC'ers to drum up any/all activity they can.... we march at Midnight!!!

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