Update 3/9/2014
Dream)Craft Official Announcement

REM is too hard to get at the moment, so we have doubled the payouts that jobs give players. Also, the payments for placing blocks that jobs get paid for(and vice versa) has been kept the same(a.k.a. half the new payouts). This is to allow solo players to still make money, while discouraging exploiting and encouraging cooperation.

I want to also clarify about the "jobs exploit" that was mentioned in one of the latest updates. The scenario of a miner friend digging up blocks for the builder friend to build with is a good thing; it's encouraged that players work together to make money together. The "exploit" is when the miner and builder are breaking and placing the same blocks in a small area with the intention on gaining easy REM, rather than building something or mining for resources. I hope that clears up some misconceptions, and if you have any questions then feel free to message me or a member of staff and ask them.


-Payouts doubled for job-related blocks
-Payments kept the same for job-related blocks(i.e. digger now gains 4xp/0.4REM for breaking dirt, and loses 2xp/0.2REM for placing)

-Starting a new town: 15,000 REM(from 20,000)
-Claiming chunks for town: 1,000 REM(from 2,000)
-Starting a new nation: 200,000 REM(from 250,000)

-Level up sounds are now off

-Updated. Hopefully will fix the flames bug. If you notice the bug(infernal mob flames without the infernal mob) then please write a petition( /pe new infernal flames bug! )

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