Dreamcraft's motto has always been to "Build Your Dreams", and the future of Dreamcraft will be no different. The Dreamcraft minecraft server has been alive for almost four years(at the time of this writing) because of the amazing community that she has fostered. As the game changes and people come and go, Dreamcraft will continue to improve as a community-fueled and unique experience. To that effect, our goals are the following:

1) Every action made is to improve the community and the server.
2) Promote a friendly environment through knowledgeable and helpful staff and members.
3) Promote cooperation through events and various plugins, such as towns.
4) Provide complete and unique experiences for all types of members.
5) Reward players who seek to improve the Dreamcraft experience.
6) Maintain a professional and organized atmosphere when administrating, moderating, and providing assistance.
7) Be transparent and open with the community, everyone here is part of the experience.
8) Listen to the community; everyone has a voice, and those that speak up *will* be heard.
9) Respect everyone and give everyone an equal chance.
10) Deal with negative and hateful behavior swifty; this is not the place for prejudices or grudges.
11) Always provide more and rarely, if ever, deny.
12) Have fun! Gaming is to loosen up and enjoy yourself.

Every member of this community leaves their mark on Dreamcraft. You make a difference.
What will your mark be?...

Build Your Dreams. Be the difference.

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