Mini-Update 2/26/2014: Jobs and Towny Price Changes
Price updates to balance the economy out a bit more.

-Title:level is now as follows...Novice:0, Apprentice:20, Journeyman:40, Expert:60, Master:90
-Payouts for break/placement even each other out
-Many methods of making money are unaccounted for(for example, Weaponsmiths only make REM from crafting ___ swords). Limited classes such as weaponsmith will be expanded upon shortly to make them viable

-Start a new town: 20,000 REM (down from 30k)
-Claim land for town(one adjacent chunk): 2,000 REM (the same)
-Nation: 250,000 REM (down from 500k)


TL;DR of the additional notes: Having conflicting job classes such as miner and builder is not recommended, and if players attempt to exploit the classes using a friend then all involved will experience unfortunate consequences.


A small expansion on the JOBS changes, with a little example. If a class earns money breaking a specific block, that class also loses the same amount of money from placing that block as well(and vice versa).

An example is the miner, who earns money and exp for breaking stone blocks(0.2 REM and 2.0 exp). If the miner broke 5 stone blocks, they would earn 1.00 REM and 10.0 exp. If the same miner placed 5 stone blocks, they would lose 1.00 REM and 10.0 exp. However, if the miner's friend, a builder, came along and used those stone blocks to make buildings in their town, then both the miner and the builder would be making money(miner makes money mining stone, builder makes money placing it).

A couple additions to this. If a player is both a miner and a builder, they will still get both effects from both jobs, and there's no way around this, therefore it's not recommended to multiclass in conflicting jobs. Also, having a builder friend place blocks for the miner friend to break is considered an exploit and will be dealt with when caught. Punishment includes reducing or zeroing the involved players' wallets, and if it is repeated or severe enough, ban(tempban or permaban depends on severity).

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