2/23/2014 Updates
Dream)Craft Official Announcement

New players rejoice! Whitelisting is now automatic! We wish to have a more interactive version, but for now, guests only need to be logged into the server for 30 minutes to be promoted to member. Whitelisting on the forum(an if a staff member is online) will expedite this process.

While this update is happening, a new challenger approaches Dreamcraft...well, a lot of challengers. On your travels you will now encounter minibosses with various abilities. While their drops can be quite powerful, they are as well. Use caution when fighting these creatures!


-Whitelisting is now automatic, thanks to a couple new plugins
-More interactive features for guests to be introduced later on

-Infernal miniboss mobs with varying abilities have been added
-For added mystery, the abilities will not be disclosed here. If you'd like to learn them all, then you'll have to do some super sleuthing

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