2/9/2014 Updates
Dream)Craft Official Announcement

Dreamcraft is fairly large. So large, you couldn't see all of it on the Dynmap at once. Not anymore! Experience what it's like to zoom all the way out and all the way back in! It's a Dreamcraft come true! The additional maps were disabled to preserve a bit of the mystery of the other worlds. Webchat was also disabled, so if you want to talk to the players in game, you're gonna have to log in or wait for IRC to start up.

Players also keep their experience on death now, so no more worrying about losing those 42 levels to a random creeper! Chat and sign colors were also added, as well as some special signs. More info on these another time.

-Disable webchat.
-Removed nether map and end map.
+Changed dynmap name for flat map and surface map to DC_Flat and DC_Surface, respectively.
+Can zoom out further.
+Name colors used.
+Hide while sneaking.
+Hide while under effects of invisibility potion.

+Staff permission changes.
+Players keep their experience on death.
+Chat and sign colors and formats!
+Ability to create Mail signs added (place sign, type [Mail] on the first line, use as mailbox!).

+Quality-of-life changes to plugins.
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