[NS] New Scopulis
New Scopulis [NS]

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Table of Contents

City Plan
Progress Tracker
City Staff Applications


Nothing here yet. Come back when the city is further in its development!


There are going to be three plot sizes (15x15, 20x20, 25x25)
15x15 Plots are 100% free
20x20 Plots require a small fee of 4 gold (I can loan it to you if you want to settle down first)
25x25 Plots are free, but I need to know you are a good builder (I need to see one of your buildings, or a picture of one)

To get a plot just talk to me in game, or message me!

City Plan:

[img][Image: CityPlan_zps109e658b.png][/img]

I have a lot of plans for the city, and will be sharing them in the updates sections, possibly with some pictures. To go into a little more depth about the "City Space" in the diagram; the City Space will be used to build lots of things, a lot of them will be mostly for looks more than actual use (ex: light houses.etc). I am also planning to open an "Art Exhibit", and idea I had for Scopulis in DC4. The art exhibit will have plots that citizens can build and sculpture/building they like in. I also have plans for three gates set up at the entrances to the three bays the city covers.


To reach our city we have a stargate set up at spawn. To use it got to the stargate and go to the StarHub. In the starhub select "NewScopulis" at the portal and walk through. If you want to walk among other reasons the city is located at X: 2587, Z:300.

Progress Tracker:

Residential Area: [50%]
Gates: [0%]
Harbors: [0%]
Farms: [0%]
Bridges: [0%]
City Space: [0%]


Building Rules:
  • No use of dirt (talk to me if you need to)
  • You cannot build outside of your plot without permission
  • No SINGLE material cubes. IE: Wood Plank Cube
  • If you break these rules we will destroy your building
General Rules:
  • What I or City Staff say goes
  • No griefing in any way
  • No building without permission (talk to me if you want to build somewhere)
  • Have fun!
  • Follow the rules Wink


I have a LOT of plans for the City and really want to see it grow. Though I know most of you are doing projects of your own, if anyone wants to help I would love for you to apply for a staff position.

City Staff Applications:

If you would like to apply for city staff, just fill this out and post it below (PMing it to me is always cool as well) Big Grin

How much do you play per day?:
Are you a good builder (be honest!):
Have you ever built a city before?:

Thanks for reading!
May want to join, unfortunatley I dont have the time to run a city anymore Sad

If you need help, let me know. I ran Desdimonia! Tongue
Head of the Elliathe Project
A Veteran DreamCraft Player
Age: 12
How much do you play per day?: I can play about 2-4 hours a daycon a normal day.
Gamertag: Misero36
Are you a good builder (be honest!): I'm best with large indrustrial-ish things, but I'm fairly good with houses.
Have you ever built a city before?: No. Want to try.
Hey man! Thanks for the reply, but unfortunately this project is a no-go, especially with the new map being released soon, sorry Sad
I wannna help I am also starting a city like u but haven't finished yet plz I want to help

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