2/7/2014 Updates
Dream)Craft Official Announcement

While moving forward, Dreamcraft wants to enable you to do more, not less. With that in mind, we have enabled a few tools that were previously disabled due to fear of griefers. Along with enabling these tools, we want to remind everyone that we take griefing of any sort seriously(spamming, stealing, killing unknowing players) and have a "ban first, ask questions later" policy. If you find yourself wrongfully banned, remember to post a ban appeal here on the forums. Thanks!

I will also be listing changes made over the past couple weeks, for future reference.

-Removed plugins that were causing massive latency, unused, or were just buggy. Plugins included were mobarena, war, horsetools, realisticbackpacks, permissionsigns, and chesscraft. Some will be re-added after bugs within the plugins are fixed.

+Lava flow is now enabled.
+Flint and Steel can now be used by all members.
+Fire Charges can now be used by all members.
+Placing lava can now be done by all members.
+Dispensers can now dispense all previously disallowed items.
+Updated the announcer plugin. Displays differently, less frequently, and has more messages.
+Made quality-of-life changes for the server and optimized main plugins.

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