The War On Lag 1.0
Dream)Craft Official Announcement

Those that tried to play on dreamcraft over the past couple of weeks have noticed something quite disappointing.

[Image: 388d569ddaab9e99c2497710cca282b9a4f2b62e...a0086d.jpg]

Obviously this is quite detrimental to the experience that we are trying to give to the community, and we will be taking steps to reduce latency, while also adding more functionality to the server. We will be trying our best to lower the latency without removing plugins, but unfortunately, this may be a necessity in some cases.

To assist in server stability, we have Ozbar11 and Darkstar1592 joining the ranks on our IT Crowd. They both are much better than I am at everything, including breathing. Since their addition, we have declared a war on lag. Kill on sight, and take no prisoners!

We will not bore with the details, but we have concluded that LWC(container protection), worldguard(block/cuboid protection), and stargates(fast travel portals) are the current heavy hitters, with LWC pulling way way ahead of the pack. It seems that the plugin has difficulties with managing hoppers, but reports say that registering(/cprivate) the hoppers fixes the lag. We would ask that everyone who uses hoppers and droppers register these containers using the /cprivate command. We would rather not remove this invaluable plugin, so everyone's cooperation in this test/fix is very appreciated.

Other methods of reducing lag are being looked into as well, such as optimization plguins and optimizing the current ones we have to work better. We will continue to work on improving the server's latency issues, and appreciate your patience.


EDIT: Apparently hoppers cause latency just by existing. With the new changes we made the week of posting this, the effect hoppers have on the server is now negligible, so there is no need to comply with this post. Thanks for reading!

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