More Custom Plugins! (Thanks Darkstar1592!)
The three plugins are MeltDown, OmNom, and SparklingTools.

MeltDown allows you to smelt armor and tools back into their materials.
(Ex: Smelt an iron chestplate and get 8 iron, enchanted items DO NOT WORK as of now.)

OmNom adds 16 new food items into the game.
(Apple Pie, Blueberry pie, Blackberry Pie, Chicken Pot Pie, Carrot Cake, Potato Stew, Carrot Stew, Chicken Sandwich, Hamburger, Pork Sandwich, Coffee, Soda, Apple Soda, Tea, Iced Tea, and Sweet Tea)

Sparkling Tools allows you to use emeralds to craft diamond armor with a random enchantment.
(Ex. Use 5 emeralds to craft a helmet and you could get a diamond helmet with respiration II)
Tier 2 armor and tools have 1.5x Durability
Tier 3 armor and tools have 2x Durability and a guaranteed good enchantment

Apple Pie:
[Image: k3HZrFA.png]

Blueberry Pie:
[Image: o18DvD5.png]

Blackberry Pie:
[Image: EDOUGZT.png]

Chicken Pot Pie:
[Image: 5QABFjc.png]

Carrot Cake:
[Image: 4zlqtLA.png]

Potato Stew:
[Image: r7MATuO.png]

Carrot Stew:
[Image: RJ7ACxx.png]

Chicken Sandwich: (Gives 9 Sandwiches)
[Image: uy30DkM.png]

Hamburger: (Gives 9 Hamburgers)
[Image: vqCOdeq.png]

Pork Sandwich: (Gives 9 Sandwiches)
[Image: dfxu2Ci.png]

Coffee: (Speed II 1:30)
[Image: v2dpulE.png]

Plain ol' Soda: (Speed I 3:00)
[Image: KMTF0mT.png]

Apple Soda: (Instant Health)
[Image: fBLpsuS.png]

Tea: (Regeneration II 0:22)
[Image: JiG0npk.png]

Sweet Tea: (Regeneration I 0:45)
[Image: tIpqIEA.png]

Iced Tea: (Regeneration II 1:00)
[Image: ThHwpqW.png]

SparklingTools Recipes

Emerald Chestplate:
[Image: 99tb9Bv.png]

(Tier 2) Emerald Chestplate:
[Image: fc5ysWq.png]

(Tier 3) Emerald Chestplate:
[Image: Jjo9m1g.png]

Emerald Leggings:
[Image: EN3hSGI.png]

(Tier 2) Emerald Leggings:
[Image: AgkOq15.png]

(Tier 3) Emerald Leggings:
[Image: tMeZrv8.png]

Emerald Boots:
[Image: GZlZW4o.png]

(Tier 2) Emerald Boots:
[Image: joGPIOR.png]

(Tier 3) Emerald Boots:
[Image: XPwnTZY.png]

Emerald Sword:
[Image: eZTE5gN.png]

(Tier 2) Emerald Sword:
[Image: D28XJir.png]

(Tier 3) Emerald Sword:
[Image: 5ufOIQX.png]

Emerald Pickaxe:
[Image: zeakieO.png]

(Tier 2) Emerald Pickaxe:
[Image: ZxG8dPQ.png]

(Tier 3) Emerald Pickaxe:
[Image: GJQm3BI.png]

Emerald Axe:
[Image: eyF2PBp.png]

(Tier 2) Emerald Axe:
[Image: 5TuSlgj.png]

(Tier 3) Emerald Axe:
[Image: xdwCLec.png]

Emerald Spade:
[Image: D3b0wjT.png]

(Tier 2) Emerald Spade:
[Image: cbMehK9.png]

(Tier 3) Emerald Spade:
[Image: 4XybqvQ.png]

Emerald Hoe:
[Image: ee1hL4a.png]

(Tier 2) Emerald Hoe:
[Image: GRHSRxd.png]

(Tier 3) Emerald Hoe:
[Image: qRvHvQD.png]

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